Even more doodling


Messing about with my Windows tablet to try and get the Kindle App I discovered it has Paint. So now I can practice characterization and doodle away on two mobile devices – neat!

I’ll carry on looking for the Kindle App so I can read children’s books on a decent sized tablet. If it also has iTunes I can get A Shiver of Sharks too. I can’t wait for all these goodies.

Has anyone learned any new tricks on their devices this summer?

It’s a bank holiday here tomorrow. Enjoy!


Back to school

Ballet shoes.
Stacks of snacks
and homework blues.
Hockey season
Bye bye summer so serene.
Family visit
lots of talking
trips and kips
and kids asquawking.
Memories made with
bucket and spade
as summer slides.
Autumn’s here.

Catherine Johnson, 2014.

What a wonderful summer we’ve had. The computer still hasn’t been fixed but we’ve cleaned it up ready to be sent to be fixed. So grateful I haven’t needed it with having a Windows tablet.

I fancy trying picmonkey as soon as it is fixed. Anyone used picmonkey? Is it fun?

Less than a week until my little monkeys go back to school.

Have you enjoyed the summer break?


Niagra Falls


We’ve just had a nice family trip to Niagra Falls. It’s the second time I’ve been there and we toured all around this time.


I thought it would be fun to paint it but painting white water on a white background…hmm.


The photo above is of Niagra. I painted the American Falls I think ;) Close up they both look the same.


Here is Niagra from a distance. Nice to admire close and from afar.


And here we go to get on the Maid of the Mist.

I wondered if there were any poems about Niagra. Are there ever! I found tonnes here.

Two weeks of family here and then the kids go back to school. I’ve really enjoyed the pace of this summer. Have you?


Freckle Expert


Happy Poetry Friday! Here’s a poem inspired by Matthew when he was playing a game with a friend and got talking about freckles. As soon as he said freckle expert I grabbed my pen.


I am a freckle expert
A freckled freckle expert
My magnifying glass my only tool.
I can tell you have a freckle
Or a spot
A mole
Or speckle
’cause I know them well
I’m not a freckle fool.

Catherine Johnson, 2014.

Anyone got a freckle poem? :0)

Happy Poetry Friday! Today’s host is Heidi Mordhorst at My Juicy Little Universe




Here’s another tandem post with my arty buddy Julie. Pop over and see what she’s come up with.

Everywhere I go I’m seeing lighthouses. Crafts, exhibitions at the library you name it. My favorite author Jody Hedlund is writing a whole series of books based on lighthouses.  I’m so excited!

I even stumbled across an amazing lighthouse by Nata.

Look at these amazing pieces of art I found on Pinterest:



This amazing artist is only fifteen years old!

And this amazing artist is 6 and is helping me with poem ideas ;)


Anyone got a lighthouse joke? ;)

Catherine Johnson is the author/illustrator of two poetry books for children, Weirdo Zoo and The Everglades. Zompoemz coming soon.