Niagra Falls


We’ve just had a nice family trip to Niagra Falls. It’s the second time I’ve been there and we toured all around this time.


I thought it would be fun to paint it but painting white water on a white background…hmm.


The photo above is of Niagra. I painted the American Falls I think ;) Close up they both look the same.


Here is Niagra from a distance. Nice to admire close and from afar.


And here we go to get on the Maid of the Mist.

I wondered if there were any poems about Niagra. Are there ever! I found tonnes here.

Two weeks of family here and then the kids go back to school. I’ve really enjoyed the pace of this summer. Have you?


Freckle Expert


Happy Poetry Friday! Here’s a poem inspired by Matthew when he was playing a game with a friend and got talking about freckles. As soon as he said freckle expert I grabbed my pen.


I am a freckle expert
A freckled freckle expert
My magnifying glass my only tool.
I can tell you have a freckle
Or a spot
A mole
Or speckle
’cause I know them well
I’m not a freckle fool.

Catherine Johnson, 2014.

Anyone got a freckle poem? :0)

Happy Poetry Friday! Today’s host is Heidi Mordhorst at My Juicy Little Universe




Here’s another tandem post with my arty buddy Julie. Pop over and see what she’s come up with.

Everywhere I go I’m seeing lighthouses. Crafts, exhibitions at the library you name it. My favorite author Jody Hedlund is writing a whole series of books based on lighthouses.  I’m so excited!

I even stumbled across an amazing lighthouse by Nata.

Look at these amazing pieces of art I found on Pinterest:



This amazing artist is only fifteen years old!

And this amazing artist is 6 and is helping me with poem ideas ;)


Anyone got a lighthouse joke? ;)

Catherine Johnson is the author/illustrator of two poetry books for children, Weirdo Zoo and The Everglades. Zompoemz coming soon.


Not So Accidental Blog Tourist Hop

untitled (2)

Thanks to Nata Romeo (pictured) for tagging me in the Not-so-accidental blog tourist hop started by Crystal Collier


Nata Romeo a.k.a ArtistaDonna, is the author and illustrator of her first children’s book titled Alphabet Wildlife A to Z.
Originally from Toronto, Canada, she now brews and sprinkles her art and stories from the Philadelphia skies. She dreams that her work gets swept up and tangled into a massive storm front so that her world can travel across the universe and beyond.

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So these are the questions:

1. What am I currently working on?

I am about to launch a Zombie poetry collection for ages 7 and upwards. I am working on a Weirdo Zoo 2 (but I fancy a better title, maybe Even Weirder Zoo) and I have a new idea for a collection that is a bit more girly and by the sea and led more by the pictures than the poems (so far). It’s my most creative yet, so I’m super excited about it. Snail anyone?

2. How does my work differ to others of the same genre?

I’m learning and growing all the time so my work will probably change a lot. Going forward I’ll try not be too edgy so I have to push the age range up. I’d like to write for everyone.

3 Why do I write/create what I do?

My answer is probably the same as everyone else’s. I can’t not write at this stage. It’s like living your dream every day.

4 How does your writing process work?

Depends what stage I’m at and whether or not something is holding me back. It’s amazing how reliant we are on technology. We’ve had a virus on the p.c. and I still manage on my Windows tablet and phone and love the flexibility of it. Now I’ve been drawing a little while, the zombie collection was half drawn before the poems were written which is new for me. I usually think I need the poem first. When the kids are in school I do as much writing/drawing as I can and often try and read blogs first thing in the morning which makes the school run even more fun ;) I’ve talked about my process before so I won’t bore you further.

So that’s about it and I am passing over to the following friends who will post next Monday 18th. There bios may have been tampered with. I have no idea ;)

Freeda Baker-Nichols a fellow poet who blogs here.

Freeda Baker Nichols was born in Arkansas, in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. She is the fearless Leader of the Ozark clan, fighting off the enemy with one arm and penning beautiful sonnets in the other. From her homeplace on Banner Mountain, as a young girl she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and anthologies. She is the author of two children’s books, a poetry chapbook, and a novel, “Call of the Cadron,” published in 2012.

Julie Rowan-Zoch a fellow artist and writer who eats jelly beans all day and is three parts minion is heiress to the Rodin museum upon condition that she has her own sculpture done and put in the museum. Julie draws in her sleep and plays badminton all day fuelled up on jelly beans. She also blogs here.


And Yvette Carol who may not be available for this blog hop as it interferes with her latest excavation dig in Egypt. She also blogs here.


Yvette is that you?

Anyone else want to pass the blog hop torch on to their buddies?

Have a great week!


Catherine Johnson is the author/illustrator of two poetry books for children, Weirdo Zoo and The Everglades. Zompoemz coming soon






Poetry Prompt : Bird

My daughter painted this bird. I think it started out as a peacock and morphed into another bird. I thought it would make a great poetry prompt.

Red blue and yellow share feather space

Red pushes shoves and blends.

The bird is all the better for its blended plumage

Calming blue contains the spread of fire.


What about something more kidcentric:


Eric wished he’d stuck to eating seeds at the birds Spring buffet.

Three times someone asked to ride his hot air balloon.


With the short poems, I’m beginning to lose sight of what is a poem and what is a joke. I think I watched way to much British comedy growing up ;)

Poem anyone?