2 weeks 3 things

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It’s been two weeks of Phil away
down under flights galore.
We’ve kept so busy with our friends
Life has not been a bore.
But oops there’s quite a big long list of broken things to fix.
The water in the pool turned green
Computer’s playing tricks.
We told him 2 things
saved the rest until he’s had a beer
then get him right to work on all the broken stuff round ‘ere.

Catherine Johnson, 2014.

We’re picking Phil up tomorrow after two weeks in Australia. It’s probably a good job we’re helping friends move house and then got Hannah’s birthday party and baseball then another party on Sunday. Good distractions ;) The broken gazebo in the storm was a bad one because I should have put it down ages ago. Oops!

Anyone else with an oops? ;0)


Nata Romeo: Alphabet Wildlife A-Z

Today I am super happy to have my critique buddy Nata Romeo here to talk about her new Alphabet Wildlife A-Z book. Nata is an incredibly talented artist and her book looks amazing.


Alphabet Wildlife A to Z

Written and Illustrated by Nata Romeo



Alphabet Wildlife A to Z invites young readers into an enchanting world of animals.

Product details

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 7, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1496172175

ISBN-13: 978-1496172174

Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.1 inches

Purchasing Links:


CreateSpace e Store

Purchasing links:

What formatting is the book available in?


Kindle edition


About the author:


Nata Romeo is an author, illustrator, blogger, and freelance writer.

Authors Website:


Contact details:



Social Media Links:



Google +


You tube







1) Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from Toronto, Canada. I lived in Italy for a while, and then graduated school from the Art Institute, and then ended up in Philadelphia, PA. I am proud mother of three amazing children, ages ranging from 28, 25, and 8!

I work full time as a special needs classroom assistant for the School District Of Philadelphia. Creativity and inspiration derive from my kids, and also being among hundreds of elementary students on a daily basis!

2) What was your inspiration to write and illustrate this book? And why?

The Sketchbook Project 2014, part of the Brooklyn Art Library inspired me to write and illustrate this book. This is my third year participating with them. The original drawings are in that sketchbook, which is housed in their library. I always wanted to write an alphabet book!

3) What projects are you working on now?

I’m currently revising another children’s book about Moon Trees, and illustrating it as well.

4) Are you interested in writing another genre?

Absolutely! I LOVE YA! I’ve had characters bouncing around in my head for a while, and they’re waiting to be written!

5) Did you always want to be a writer and illustrator?

Yes, as long as I can remember! I love the power of creativity.

6) Are you a day or night writer and illustrator?

The answer is day for both! For me Night=sleep!

7) What is your advice to writers /illustrators?

Read, read, read, what you want to write. Learn to storyboard/dummies to see if your story flows. Join SCBWI, go to workshops, and join critique groups. Not only will your writing improve, but you will meet other talented writers and illustrators that also share your passion.

Also, if you decide to self-publish, please avoid making the mistake I did! After my book was approved by CreateSpace and up for sale, someone I look up to and admire sent me a messaged me and pointed out that there was a typo! I thanked her soooooooo much! I immediately fixed the BOO BOO!

8) Are you a coffee or tea person?

Definitely coffee fueled!

9) Are you a lefty or righty?

After fracturing my dominant hand earlier this year, I became aware I’ve been ambidextrous and never knew it! Now I can alternate between the two and have two unique styles of drawings.

Actually, the Lion book art was illustrated with lefty, while the animals in the book were illustrated with righty. So yeah, no matter what life throws your way, pick yourself up and find a way to continue what you love to do!

10) What is your favorite illustration medium?

My favorite illustration medium is combining watercolor, and pen and ink. I love having the freedom of colors blending into other colors, creating unique effects. Detailed pen and ink is a form of de-stressing me!

11) Why did you decide to self-publish your first book with CreateSpace?

The beauty of self-publishing with CreateSpace is that you can easily edit your book. I wanted to have the freedom to make all the decisions on how the book would look. I have to admit that it was very stressing along the way. The formatting was always off! Fortunately, my son the computer genius always comes to my rescue and saves me from self-destruction! HA HA

I agree with you about the formatting, Nata. You are lucky your son is a whizz at that. Thanks so much for sharing your book with us today. I’m looking forward to getting mine in the post. Super congrats!






Wildebeest Doodle


Kids can have fun turning a regular animal (if Wildebeest is classed as regular;)) into a doodle. Be as abstract as you like.

I wonder what the wordy Wildebeests of Weirdo Zoo would make of it.

Did you know there’s a new Wildebeest book coming soon from Irene Latham? It sounds divine, not a word usually associated with Wildebeests *snort*

Happy Doodling!



photo 2

Wispy hair fills the space

Wiggle room.


Anyone think this needs another line, maybe at the start?

Hannah found this caterpillar in the park. We had no clue which butterfly it turns into. Anyone know? Those knobby yellow bits on its back were interesting.

I hope you are all happy in your wiggle room today. And if you haven’t got any, make some :)



Metaphor Monday Baseball

What a great few days for sports. Anyone else tear up after Wimbledon. That was a fabulous game. A Grand PrixPrix too and there’s still soccer and Tour de France. Something for everyone.

Matthew’s team won their baseball game 24-8 and they’ve they’ve only won one other time this season so let’s celebrate with some baseball pics.

Since I failed to turn it around could it be a ladder?




Mushrooms invade pitch
Stalks stretch for a better view
Fun gus fans ;)

I can’t imagine anyone has written about mushrooms and baseball before.

Any more weird ideas? How’s summer going so far?


In dependance on: Rebecca…Amy…

Catherine Johnson:

Happy 4th July to U.S. peeps. Enjoying tennis and soccer today.

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Fibonacci created the math Jeanne created the colors

Fibonacci created the math
Jeanne created the colors

by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Emerald glitter
fills the sky;
a thousand dashing
dragon eyes
sparkle! flash!
climb –
leaving Earth
Roman candles
diamonds dazzle,
spilling silver
stars of fire–
blasting bits
of copper wire.
Sapphires crumble
in the sky,
tinsel tumbles
down to die,
onto city streets
and roads;
The sky
–Rebecca Kai Dotlich, from LEMONADE SUN, all rights reserved
I’d like to thank Amy for giving me permission to post a poem from FOREST HAS A SONG today.

Photo and Mask by Jeanne

Photo and Mask by Jeanne

First Flight
by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater

Mommy, I’m scared to be this high.
All owls are scared on their first try.

My tail feathers feel so tingly with fear.
You can do it. Calm down. Careful now. Steer.

I can’t see a thing through all this black.

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Canada Day metaphors


Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians tomorrow. On Sunday night we went to watch these great fireworks.

I heard someone complain that it only lasted five minutes and they’d driven a long way. The hotdogs, bouncy castle and face painting and watching fireworks were free. Gee whizz how could anyone complain at that?

I used to go to power station fireworks done to music and it was amazing but also cost a fortune. Fireworks are expensive. If you watch them for free do not complain. Rant over ;)

I uploaded a cool app for my phone which turns photos into sketches. Check these out and see if you see any metaphors.




What do you see? I see atoms under a microscope and woolen bathroom rugs and my two face painted rugrats.

Anyone care to share a poem?