Gator and Pete More Alike Than It Seems

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

Gator and Pete More Alike Than It Seems written by Suzanna McGovern and illustrated by Donna Bizjak
Hatch Ideas, Inc 2007, Fiction
Suitable for: Pre-school to Grade 3
Topics/Themes:Similarities and differences, co-operation, friendship
Opening: Gator went for a stroll one sunny, spring day,
in search of a new friend who might like to play.
He kept his eyes looking, as he made his way,
for someone just like him, it seems.

In discovering and befriending Pete the turtle, Gator learns the importance of being open to those who are different than he is. Filled with lyrical storytelling and rich, engaging illustrations, this first-ever Gator children’s book is perfect for adults who like to read to young children, young children learning words and pictures, and first-time readers.

Activities: Opposites of Night and day crafts, Comparing and contrasting with Moose.

I am so thrilled to share this picture book with you since I won this one and two others about Gator via Susanna Hill’s blog. Thanks Susanna and thanks Suzanne!

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23 thoughts on “Gator and Pete More Alike Than It Seems

  1. Such an adorable book and I love the theme. My daughter and her husband are already reading every night to their 2 month old baby. Friends tease them for starting so early, but I love their enthusiasm. I also think they’re wildly enjoying the stories themselves, and Gator sounds like a fun and highly readable character.

  2. I might have to do one of these with Spookly the Square Pumpkin. Unfortunately we had to leave the bookstore before I could finish reading it, but the book seemed to have it all…adventure, wisdom, international intrigue, etc…except maybe without the international intrigue ;)

      • I was with someone who needed to get something at the local bookstore, so I was browsing the discount shelf and there was a copy of the children’s book, Spookley the Square Pumpkin. Being easily entertained, I started reading it while I waited for my friend.

        It turns out that Spookley is a square pumpkin (really he’s more of a squat cube than a square, but whatever :). Because of his square shape, all the round pumpkins made fun of him.

        Then one day a storm came. A fierce wind was blowing, and it swept a number of pumpkins through a hole in the fence and into the sea, in no small part due to the fact that they were round and rolled in the breeze. But Spookley’s square shape happened to be perfect for him to block the hole with his body, preventing more round pumpkins from falling into the sea.

        I didn’t get a chance to finish the book because we left the bookstore, but I’m pretty sure all the round pumpkins thought Spookley was pretty awesome after that, even if he was square. I’m sure you know how these things go :)

  3. Catherine, I don’t know how I missed your entry as I go down the list on Susanna’s page. This sounds like a winner all the around for kids and parents. Like the emphasis on the difference being okay.

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