Metaphor Monday – Trees

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

One scoop or two?
Pine cones
Trumpet voluntary

Earth’s exposed veins
Squirrel fun park

Tree pirouette
Wooden tornado
Tree Twister

The lovely and talented Penny Klostermann is coming back later to make a poem from today’s metaphors, I can’t wait to see what she delights us with :)

And here it is, SO beautiful, Penny!

Fathom Forest
by Penny Klostermann

In far-off Fathom Forest find
paths that wander, paths that wind
past fairy trumpets, golden-lined -
petaled pop-ups, wood entwined.

Past feathered fans and twister tree,
wrangled roots weave naturally
extending limbs in timbered sea…
needled, pinecone potpourri.

And another one!

Forest Feast
by Penny Klostermann

When the flavorful forest feast
was set before the greedy beast
h elost his mind
and over-dined
Yes…cleaned his plate
“More!” Overate!
Then he said, “I’m through – I tire.
My stomach is a bulging mire.”
But not in time! He promptly tossed
the forest feast upchucked and lost!

Lovely, Penny! If anyone would like to volunteer for next week, let me know in the comments here or next week.

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41 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday – Trees

    • I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but if I am looking at a person’s blog, sometimes I scroll all the way to the bottom right off the bat and choose “View Full Site” I just like it better that looking at the mobile option because it is what I am used to seeing on my computer.

      • Oh yes Penny I have discovered that myself. I’m talking about editing a post. I already had the photos but when trying to add writing using my phone it wouldn’t let me all the way down. The forbidden lair lol.

  1. Are you all from this planet? I think not…I’ve never met a group of such amazing wordsmithing individuals…it is truly an honor just to read the posts, poems and comments. ;) And my fingers get to itching and I want to write in rhyme…and my eyelids get to twitching as the clock reveals the time…TOO LATE…BEDTIME! :)

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  3. OK don’t laugh, But I don’t even have an iphone. I just use a tracfone without any internet or camera. I have to do everything on my computer. I don’t listen to music except on my CD player and wouldn’t know how to load music on anything. so there. The game is over. lol Now you know!

    Love your poems, Penny. And thanks for sharing them, Catherine. :)

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