The Pea Blossom

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday time, the brainchild of the lovely Susanna Leonard Hill. A huge list of picture books can be found under the perfect Picture Books tab on Susanna’s blog which is a great resource for librarians, teachers and children’s writers.

The Pea Blossom written by Amy Lowry Poole and illustrated by HC Andersen,
Holiday House, April 2006, Fiction re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s Five Peas From One Pod.
Suitable for: 3-8 year olds.
Themes/topics: Ambitions, dreams, similarities and differences.

Once upon a time, in a small garden near the great city of Beijing, there were five peas in one shell. They were green, and they believed that the whole world must be green, for that was all that they knew.

In a small garden near the great city of Beijing, five peas rest patiently in the same shell. As the pears grow, so do their dreams. One pea longs to fly to the sun and another to the moon. Two more hope to dine with the emperor. But it is the smallest pea whose journey transforms the life of a mother and daughter. Exquisite paintings on rice paper and an eloquent retelling bring together Eastern and Western traditions and lend a new meaning to a familiar story.

Activities: Children’s books about Chinese traditions, a million links here with activities based on ambitions.

This is a beautiful re-telling and a gentle book that is ideal for bedtime reading.

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