Metaphor Monday – The Call of the Cadron

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

I got so excited/ confused on Friday that I posted and tweeted this post before I realised my mistake. I think a good book does that to you and crazy kids ;) Thanks so much to Freeda for letting me read her novel Call of the Cadron it is a stunning story and I read it so fast.
Here’s a synopsis:
Concerned for her rebellious teenage sister, Jordan meets the challenge and steps in to prevent Shelley’s marriage to an unworthy man whose lifestyle threatens to involve her with use of and trafficking illegal drugs.
Later, facing an evil man who attacks the very heart of the family in a broad-daylight kidnapping of her little sister, Jordan remains true to herself in her sacrifice to meet the ransom.

I feel awful for spoiling the plot now, but I had to show you how compelling it is. There are wonderful metaphors peppered throughout so it is a fitting tribute to Metaphor Monday.

Whether it’s metaphors you conjure up or a poem feel free to post in the comments and if anyone would like to do what Penny did last week and write a poem with it all in do volunteer :)

Turkish drink for all. (Apparently Turquoise is Turkish)

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12 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday – The Call of the Cadron

  1. Catherine, the picture along with your comments on Call of the Cadron as posted here on your blog make this author very happy! Your interest in my writing is appreciated. Thank you again. I’m glad you liked the book. Don’t worry over your mistake in early posting. I wondered what happened when I couldn’t read the rest of the post. But you’ve cleared it up now. So all is well that ends well!

  2. Glad to see you recommend Freeda’s book. I enjoyed it, too. I have the privilege of being in a critique group with Freeda and love her dearly!

  3. Hey, I wandered by at the mention of Freeda’s book which I haven’t read yet, but I met her at an author fair and I’m looking forward to reading it!

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