Pears in the road

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet



Did the milkman bring his breakfast?
Is Aunt Marjory in town?
Did a thousand passing elephants
knock a pear tree upside down?
I’m as curious as ever
why there’s pears upon the road.
Did a lorry charging by
swerve and spill its fruity load?
I will sit right here and eat them
till this mystery is through.
I’ll be sick as mum’s fruit pudding
’cause I haven’t got a clue.

Catherine Johnson, 2012.

Inspired by true events, there were pears all over our road and it took me a few days to notice the pear tree in a neighbour’s garden. So observant but I prefered my swerving lorry version for dramatic effect ;)

Any true events down your neighbourhoods to get the writerly juices flowing?

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31 thoughts on “Pears in the road

        • Awh thanks Freeda. It seems everywhere I look you can’t traditionally publish if it’s been on your blog. I’d love to be told otherwise. It might just be competitions and of course self-publishing is different. I should be brave and self-publish.

        • Thanks for your reply, Catherine. That poem, in my opinion, will go places if channeled in the right direction. I love it! Nearly all of my posts have been published somewhere already. But I will take careful screening of my new posts, in case I want to try traditional publishing. It’s fun to blog but to have works in hard copy is rewarding.

  1. How cute! I love Pears in the Road. My trees are giving up their acorns right now, They are dropping more than they ever have before and it’s driving me nuts!!! So I came up with this poem last week.

    Acorns, Acorns

    Acorns, acorns all around
    Acorns falling on the ground
    Nuts! They’re breaking every rule
    And dropping in my swimming pool
    Sinking down to rest and beach
    On the bottom out of reach
    Littering the plaster floor
    Annoying me to the core
    I’ve bought masks and tank and fins
    and tiny little diving skins
    They’re not for me. No sakes alive!
    I’ll teach my squirrels to scuba dive.

  2. I love this! It reminds me of Out of the Way! Out of the Way!, one of our Spirit of PaperTigers book sets this year… And I’m so excited to find “Marjory” (even if it is spelled differently) and elephants (my favoritest animal) in the same breath of a poem!

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