Metaphor Monday

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. Metaphors might have to move over for something else in case we all get a case of Metaphorosis or something ;) Most poems don’t even have metaphors in. One day I’ll do something different. Live on the wild side ;)
Here’s today’s selection:

Musical Feet/Toes
The tip of the tune
Get down with the beat

Mallow bite
Sweet tooth
Edible smile

A constellation of light
Explosive entrance
Dazzling beauty

Now someone’s got to have some better than those surely.

I’m lost without Penny now :)

Choppers ready
Mallow bite
Monster sandwich
Feasty fright.

This toe stomping music
leads this freestyle duet
grooving through
the archways of light
with a whoopie pie smile
glistening with ecstasy
to this toe stomping music.

24 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday

  1. Dear Catherine
    My very first video was of 4 foot bottoms with faces magic markered on the bottoms. The toes were the hair. Hilarious! and pure fun! Ah to be back in my twenties and have time for silliness!
    Jeanne Poland

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