Detroit zoo

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

After a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with friends and lots of yummy food we had to do a little business over the border to get us all up to date with our visas. I have been dying to go over there and we had a super time at Detroit zoo. I can’t wait to go again already.

Do these pics tickle your poetic taste buds?

At the entrance.

I have so many wonderful shots of the polar bear, I’m hoping to write a polar bear poem and show you them all next week.

We had way better gorilla shots than this, (Can you even see it there on the right?) but I just thought this was a wonderful pic :)

I think there is supposed to be a snake in here, I love the Eqyptian look.

Autumn is so beautiful!

We saw something called a skink and I thought it was such a great match for skunk I made this up. I hope it will do for my Friday poetry poem.


There’s a skunk in the sink

Does it stink?

Does it sink?

I think

I blink

I wink

Coz it’s

not a skunk

it’s a skink!

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23 thoughts on “Detroit zoo

    • What a fun coincidence, Kirsten. I should have pulled a face at the skink then I would have seen its tongue lol.

  1. I’d love to see your polar bear photos. The polar bears at the San Diego zoo just lay in the sun doing absolutely nothing the whole day. I swear they wait for the zoo to close to jump in the water and play around.

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