Metaphor Monday: Bugs

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet









ant candy dipped in sherbert








Star fleet bug surprise
Darth Vader’s lair







Mutant ladybugs/ladybirds
Spring fashion week in bug town
Aunt Mabel’s wardrobe hits the dust










The new fine lashes mascara
Oysters on the move

I’m going to wave my tentacles in your face until I persuade each of you (if you haven’t already) to read the wonderful poems on David Harrison’s blog and (grab your hankies) for the tear jerker on Freeda’s blog. I’m so not putting my Halloween poem up in its current state after reading the Halloween one. They are all breathtaking.

Have a breathtaking week everyone and look out for giant ants!

p.s. *coughs* Somebody save me with a poem with all the metaphors later ;)

Okay here’s my lame effort:

Sweet Ante,
where masked marauders fly,
cactus practise – a pokey plie
the mohawk dips and leaps into the jewelled fire like Lady Gaga.
He leaves town with nothing but a name,
the Grim Leaper.

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23 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday: Bugs

  1. I want to be creative. I’m trying to be creative. I’m just having a little trouble getting past the ick factor of number 1! #2 The Grim Leaper or Dementor #3 voodoo march or masked marauders #4 more than a mohawk

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