Polar Bear Poem by Cathy Ballou Mealey

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet


The lovely Cathy Ballou Mealey is here today with a super dooper polar bear poem! I think we should have a writers retreat at the zoo just watching the polar bear.


What mutant sheep
Roams icy floes
With fleece that’s sheared
For snuggly clothes?

The Polar bear
Sports warm fur.
But shearing him
Nope, I’ll demur.

Cathy shares more super poems on her blog. Do go check them out here.

Thank you so much for writing a polar poem for us today, Cathy! I wouldn’t like to even ask him if he wanted shearing lol.

Is anyone else equally inspired with a polar bear poem? And here is mine.

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38 thoughts on “Polar Bear Poem by Cathy Ballou Mealey

  1. How lovely to read so many nice comments here this AM on my polar poem! :-) Thank you all and thanks to Catherine especially for tagging my silly words to those terrific photos.

    I’m all in favor of a writer’s retreat at the zoo. Look for me near the otters!

  2. A Polar Bear

    A Polar Bear was at the zoo today.
    I saw him run about his pen and play.
    He ran so fast he slipped upon the ice.
    His rumbling roar meant he was very mad.
    Because his coat was extra warm and nice,
    it made him happy and that made me glad.
    I saw him run about the pen and play–
    A Polar Bear was at the zoo today.

    cCopyright, 2012 Freeda Baker Nichols

  3. I missed this one since I was on vacation! Love the poem and the photos!
    Thanks for coming by! I hope you enjoy clicking on a few links and saying hello! Then they may click back!

  4. “What mutant sheep…”

    Now, there’s a hook! Lol!!

    What a delightful and clever poem! And very timely! I was with a friend a few weeks ago at the zoo, watching those wonderful creatures. I think the polar bears are my favorite at the zoo!

    I posted a link to one of my poems over on Susie’s “Use Me and Abuse Me” soiree… not about polar bears though… haha!

    Thank you for sharing this… it really is a wonderful little poem and it brought a smile to my heart!

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