Room on the Broom PPBF

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

There’s so many awesome picture books on Susanna’s blog now, and I just had to add this one. Halloween is on a Wednesday and I have one more wonderful Halloween book so I figure best to show them before Halloween not after.

Well have I been dying to tell you about the wonderful surprise Phil’s parents had for me while we were at the Lake District. I was so lucky to be able to go to the Children’s Illustration Exhibition curated by the fantastic Julia Donaldson. I got to see a video of Roald Dahl’s illustrator Quentin Blake actually painting and giving tips. It was wonderful, I can’t believe how fast he draws!

Anyway I just had to do Room on the Broom today which is of course written by Julia Donaldson.

Room on the Broom written by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler
MacMillan Children’s books, 2001, Fiction
Suitable for: Pre-school to Grade 2
Themes/Topics: Teamwork, using your initiative, rewards, adventure.
The witch had a cat and a very tall hat,
And long ginger hair which she wore in a plait.
How the cat purred and how the witch grinned,
As they sat on their broomstick and flew through the wind.

The witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch’s hat, then her bow, and then her wand! Luckily, three helpful animals find the missing items, and all they want in return is a ride on the broom. But is there room on the broom for so many friends? And when disaster strikes, will they be able to save the witch from a hungry dragon?

Activities: Room on the Broom activities, and more, great ideas from The Teacher’s Cauldron.

Do you have room on your broom for another fine book? ;)

29 thoughts on “Room on the Broom PPBF

  1. I have typed out many of Donaldson’s books – just love the rhythms and adore the humor! Truly surprised more people don’t know her books here. AND TOTALLY JEALOUS of your visit to the exhibit!

  2. Excellent, my friend! That cover is awesomely done. I love books like this. But this one is bodaciously done! (Makes a writer wish she had written it.) Love me some Dahl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you some love, my friend! Mwah! *high five* :-)

  3. Oh, no. I get a trick instead of a treat… You beat me to posting this book. Room on the Broom is definitely a perfect picture book. My review of it is scheduled for this Friday. Oh, well. I’m going to go add a link to your review at the bottom of my post now :)

    • Oh no, sorry Nessa! Great minds think alike. I’m sure lots of different eyes will see it on your blog anyway. And I had a book up a few weeks ago that has been done 3 times so not to worry. I’ll link to yours too :)

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