Metaphor Monday: Fall

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

The colours are so beautiful around here. Autumn is a very special season and it will soon be over, so let’s savour the rich colours and see if they inspire a poem!

A brass rubbing on our hearts
Trees dipped in kids’ paint
Fall in Canada

There is a super tree picture on Palestine Rose blog. Maybe that will inspire a metaphor or a poem.

The teachest

Sitting by the warm fireside
safe from the maple madness,
I feel the silky satin of my evening dress
and rest my weary head;
Its contents a heavy teachest
holding secrets
the key to which has long since
been tossed away.

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27 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday: Fall

  1. I was taking my time posting a comment as I was trying to find somew
    here buried on my blog a piece I had written about fall. Mainly the colour Burgundy. Can’t find it, anyway, here goes….

    warm fireside, sipping red wine
    a heavy teachest holding secrets within
    silk, satin, drapes and evening dress.
    golden start of day
    sky in flames at the end of the day…

  2. What beautiful pics. We don’t get those colours except in northern New South Wales. It’s spring here…Word Press doesn’t like me. I tried to comment over the weekend on my phone. Now I’m using my twitter act. as it doesn’t let me use blogger grrrrr.
    Hope all goes well with you and yours. D

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