Perfect Picture Book Friday: Halloween

Perfect Picture Book Friday!

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

Halloween written by Harry Behn and illustrated by Greg Couch
North-South Books, August 1st, 2003, Fiction based on a famous poem.

Suitable for: Children 5-7

Opening/Synopsis: (Kirkus Reviews)
“Tonight is the night / when dead leaves fly / like witches on switches / across the sky . . . ” Couch illustrates a brief rhyme from Behn’s first collection of poetry for children with shadowy, atmospheric views of a trio of costumed trick-or-treaters, who grow increasingly spooked as ghouls, witches, and eerily glowing jack-o-lanterns rise about them. Young audiences will respond with delighted shivers as the three fetch up in a misty graveyard, where menacing figures beckon—but turn out to be welcoming the newcomers to a party.

Activities: Halloween pictures and crafts on Pinterest, For the very crafty amongst you there is a make your own tombstone with the Harry Behn poem on.

This is my favorite type of pb because it is poetic and dreamy with beautiful illustrations. If you dare be spooked some more, I’m sure you’ll find lots of Halloween goodies over on Susanna Hill’s picture book list.

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31 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: Halloween

  1. There should be a few thrills running down a few spines with this book. With the friendly poem the shivers shouldn’t turn into shakes of fear but there will be lots of wide eyes at the illustrations.
    Delicious read curled up by a roaring fire.

  2. While the PPBF list is up to date, we seem to be a holiday behind. We’ll probably reading Halloween books at Thanksgiving. :)

  3. Beautiful book cover and sounds like a real spooky story…. fun for the kids. Halloween isn’t till this coming Wednesday here for us, but so neat looking at all the Halloween stories. Thanks for sharing Catherine.

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