The Witch’s Cocoon starring Jody Hedlund

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

Welcome friends, welcome to the witch’s cocoon.










The Witch’s cocoon












Brittle bones hunch,

snoring witch stirs and unfurls,

scratches a hole in her nest with a bony knarled finger.

She steps out into a cold foggy morn and pats her spider

who finds a crevice in the broomstick

in which to rest

before the next web is due or dew.

“Onwards!” The witch cries.

She stirs the many birds nestled in her hair.

The broom hitches and twitches and flies through the sky.

The witch spots her prey.

“Get her!” she cries.

Broom zips, jolting the spider from its new home.

Cat holds on with a paw.

The thoughtless witch ploughs Crash into an innocent lady out for a walk.










Poor lady, no time for a scream.

Leaves this place with a smile.

The witch leaves with a cackle.


Don’t try to escape I know where you hang out, Jody Hedlund ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa!

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23 thoughts on “The Witch’s Cocoon starring Jody Hedlund

    • It’s a pic from last year but I did do a video for Halloween so do come back on Wednesday. it’s funny my mum made me that dress for a prom type dance and I hardly wore it, but I’ve worn it many times to be a witch :)

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