Halloweensie Contest

by Catherine Johnson, @CatherinePoet

It’s Halloween! What a couple of days it has been! I hope you are all safe from Sandy. Take your mind off the weather with my first vlog. You may need to adjust the volume, I go a bit high pitched at times :) I’ll get better with practise. Here’s some delicious witches hats to munch on while it’s playing. (I discovered these delicious bites on Pinterest, the kids love them!)

Susanna is all kinds of awesome organising this special contest with fab prizes. We had to write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children, using the words witch, bat, and “trick-or-treat.   Your story can be scary, funny or anything in
between, poetry or prose.

Itchety, scratchety, sneezes to go.
Throw in a bat and throw in a toe.
Scaredy cat toe rag
Trick or treat kid
Witch with the sneezes
They quivered, they hid.
Ratchety cauldron, make me a spell,
I’m poorly not spooky I want to be well.
I should have replaced you,
you’re on your last legs,
the spells are not working
you pickle frogs’ legs.
“Hooray! You’ve been listening
I’m tickety boo!”
No! Wait just a minute.
Witchoo! Witchoo!

Catherine Johnson, 2012.

Yikes, I hate my recorded voice and that high note lol. I’d better improve before Nov 9th :)
Now if you’ve been wondering about reading poetry to an audience, Renee has a fabulous vlog about how to read a poem. Check it out here.

There are lots of great Halloween poetry books, but these are just ones I have read recently:
Book of poems:Best Witches by Jane Yolen
Picture book in a set form of poetry: The House of Boo by J. Patrick Lewis
Picture books: Halloween Night on Shivermore Street by Pam Pollack
Druscilla’s Halloween by Sally M. Walker
Jinnie Ghost by Berlie Doherty

Be sure to check out the other entries here. And have a super Halloween!

103 thoughts on “Halloweensie Contest

  1. Love your entry, Catherine! So much fun! And done so well in 100 words or fewer. My sample is positively dreadful, but I figure that’s good because it will make everyone feel brave enough to enter :) Don’t forget to put your link on the list tomorrow!!!

  2. What fun, Catherine! I love the flow of Halloweenie words. :) Maybe I am doing something wrong, but when I hit the play button on the video clip, it said the video was private. See you at Susanna’s tomorrow. :)

  3. I love your poem and your hat. The video was a bonus. You did a great job. (I came along late enough and it worked). P.S. loved the mommy at the end.

  4. Dearest Catherine:
    Love the “Mommy” voice at the end.!
    Next time you’re impersonating a witch try having the camera angle from down below (worm’s eye view) This makes for big chins!
    And when you’re not jittery anymore, try to vary the pace so sometimes you skip quickly and other times haltingly.
    Finally thank you for reviewing Renee’s video and risking the video shoot!The props were perfect.
    Jeanne Poland

  5. The vlog worked fine for me this morning AND last night – I get the feeling it has more to do with the host: blogspot doesn’t ‘care’ for wordpress much! I think you need to post from ‘Witches Corner’ more often – I LOVED it! As well as your poem! Hope you don’t mind me using witchoo on the little ‘boogers’ tonight – only wish I could find a glow in the dark hankie for better effect!

  6. Bravo, Catherine! I LOVE your storytelling voice. And your poem is super cute. Well done! More vlogs, please! You’re a natural!

  7. The poem itself was great, but I really enjoyed the video of you reading it. So entertaining! All I have to say is good thing I submitted my entry before I read the others or I would have chickened out for sure :)

    Witchoo! Withcoo! (I love that ending!)

  8. I”m with Janna. It’s a good thing I entered before reading the other’s and your s in particular. Mine is so bad I almost want to trash it.

    Love your poem and sneeze. so cute. lol.

  9. Oh Catherine, I love your vlog!! What a character voice. Your poem is filled with such fun Halloweeny words! I hope you know,everyone is going to be using the “Witchoo, Witchoo” line from now on during the season. I think you’ve started something here.

  10. I think that’s great, Catherine! Your reading voice was super–very witchy and full of personality:>) I don’t usually watch videos online, but if they come in around a minute or shorter, like yours, I give them a try:>) I esp liked, “Throw in a bat and throw in a toe.” Ha! Why not?

  11. Oh this was such fun. Loved hearing you and seeing you all dressed up was pure bonus and a treat. You are definately a natural.
    I smiled when I heard “tickety boo,” a saying I know well….. LOL
    tickety boo!

  12. You did a wonderful job with your blog. I wish I had had this a week or so ago & would have given some students a challenge to create a short Halloween movie. I like the ‘scratchy’ sounds of the poem.

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