The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake by Robin Newman GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Catherine Johnson:

Celebrating Robin’s debut book, The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake. I can’t wait to read this!

Originally posted on This Kid Reviews Books:

Hey! Do you guys remember when I reviewed the very fun your reader mystery – “The Case of the MissingCarrotCake” by Robin Newman (click the title for my review)?

carrotcake Find it on Amazon HERE!

Summary from Goodreads: “When food goes missing on Ed’s farm, Detectives Wilcox and Griswold do what it takes to track down the thieves. In this case, Miss Rabbit’s carrot cake has disappeared. Has it been stolen? Or eaten? Or both? Who dunnit?

Well, guess what! Today is the day it is released!

You can purchase the book on Amazon HERE!

Ms. Newman, the author, has thankfully agreed to let me give away a copy of her book.

The only qualifications that are needed are that you help spread the word about Ms. Newman’s book via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. or reblog!).

The contest is…

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All by Myself

This is such a funny title considering I’ve sent all my subscribers to my (not quite ready blog) ;)


All by Myself written and illustrated by Ivan Bates.

HarperCollins Publishers, 1st February, 2000.

Suitable for: 3-7 year olds.

Themes/Topics: Independence, courage, teamwork.

Every morning, Maya and her mother had breakfast together. Maya’s mother would reach for her long trunk high into the branches of a tree and pick the juiciest leaves for them to eat together.

Synopsis:(inside cover)
Every day Maya’s mother picks leaves for breakfast with her long trunk. Then one day Maya decides she wants to pick the leaves? all by herself!
One little elephant plus one tall tree can only mean one big problem. Luckily, Maya’s mother thinks she just might have the answer….
A warm and reassuring look at a plucky little elephant who is determined to start growing up.

Find something pretty tall and pretend you need to reach the branches. You can try four different things. What would you choose before you asked for help? Discuss how easy/difficult it is for animals to find their food.

I love the watercolor illustrations and really fancy having a go at doing the cover sometime. Aren’t those tiny eyes so cute on a giant elephant?

Find more perfect picture books at Susanna’s awesome picture book library. Have a great weekend!


Let’s dance!


Hi folks,

Quick news flash! My zombie book Zompoemz is already available on Amazon in paperback $8.67 here. The ebook is almost ready. Watch this space or maybe not. You see silly me pressed a little button to transfer my lovely blog readers to my new blog and it’s not ready yet. Oops! I just need to add a sign up part and share buttons and it will do for now. I’ll keep you (blog) posted wah wah!

I can’t wait to share the zombie video I did with the kids, it was so fun!

Anyway I think it’s time to dance. Check this video out it is so cool!


PPBF is back! Dog Loves Books

At last it is picture book season again. Susanna is back with Perfect Picture Book Friday. Alas I’m having trouble commenting on her blog but I for sure read them.

Here is a book which is perfect to instill a love of reading in kids.

untitled (5)


Dog Love’s Books written and illustrated by Louise Yates,

Published by Alfred A. Knopf, New York an imprint of Random House Children’s Books.

Suitable for: 3-7

Themes/Topics: Actively enjoying what you do rather then waiting for something to happen, patience, belief.



Dog loved books.

He loved the smell of them.

And he loved the feel of them.


Dog loves books so much he opens his own bookstore. He sits there impatiently waiting all by himself until he gets distracted by reading and then never feels alone. He knows what to do when customers roll in.


practice sketching characters


Activities: Pretend to open a bookstore using the books you have at home. Which books would you recommend? Which book would a customer catch you reading?


What a delightful book this is and the end papers are lovely too with all the dogs. Read more perfect picture books in Susanna Hill’s wonderful library of picture books.




BE A CHANGEMAKER: Celebrating with Quotes!

Catherine Johnson:

I didn’t mean to post today but these quotes are awesome!

Originally posted on EMU's Debuts:

Be A Changemaker by Laurie Ann ThompsonWe are continuing the celebration for Laurie Ann Thompson’s debut Be A Changemaker, which will be published on September 16. Inspirational quotes are peppered throughout the book, and so we Emu’s decided to share quotes that have been meaningful and motivating to us. We’d love to hear your favorite quotes too!

And remember, comment on any post this week and be entered to win a signed copy of Be A Changemaker!



From Donna Bowman Bratton:

This quote by Ben Franklin has been posted above my computer for years. It obviously speaks to the writer in me, but it hints, too, at taking conscious actions for change.


 I love this quote by Charles Lamb because it so simply speaks to the heart of any good deed, large or small.


Of course, the ultimate quote for any changemaker comes from Mahatma Gandhi:

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