Happy Easter!


May this Easter be filled with fresh new beginnings, lots of chocolate eggs, laughter, new stories and peace to all.

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My lovely and talented friend Julie celebrated Easter with a drawing too.

Happy Easter!


Going self-hosted the painless way


Moving blogs the painless way

No tearing your hair out every day

Watch this video, take some notes and

You’ll have a new blog, bleating goats.

Your own domain name, Johnny Oates.

Pick a free theme or buy yourself a new one.

Apparently you’ll be found better with a new one.

Michael Hyatt’s a really nice guy

He made this video, do give it a try.

The customer support at Bluehost is fantastic.

And WordPress too fits you like elastic.

Don’t delay and get her done.

Procrastinating’s not much fun.


Catherine Johnson, 2014.


Next installment next week on how to configure your WordPress theme. p.s. I really fancy having Bleating Goat as the blog title but I ought to have Catherine Johnson. Too bad ;) Unless I could use it in my tag line with poetry for kids. Goat bleating poetry for kids. Hmm…

Just a note about the video. You might need to watch both the installation of a new WordPress.org blog (self-hosted) and upgrading from WordPress.com which is at the bottom of that post if you already have a WordPress.com blog

Is anyone thinking of going self-hosted? Does this help you make the next step?





Easter Riddle 2

Laura Purdie Salas whose beautiful new book, Water Can Be… is now on my bookshelf, has been doing Haiku Riddles throughout April. They are SO good, check one of them out here.

Since you all enjoyed the egg one, I though I’d shout out to a great blog and an amazing author with another riddle:

If eggs were books, she’s hatched many a dozen.

Take the k off yolk and add a short ending.

Mother hen of children’s books and poetry.

Cluck here to find out who it is writing a very special post at kidlit411.com

Have a great day!



Meet Guest Author Catherine M. Johnson

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's New (to me) Authors Blog:

Catherine JohnsonHello! I’m Catherine Johnson, a British Ex-pat who moved from an awesome place called Yorkshire ;) to New Zealand for four years before crossing the pond once again to live in Canada where I am staying (no more moves please – though I do miss NZ and get big pangs for all things English like wellington boots, rainy days, old cottages, sociable train journeys, Countdown, the royals, yorkshire puddings. Okay I’ll stop now *breathesintopaperbag*). I have managed to embrace ice hockey and -20 long winters. The canada geese are beautiful. Go Canada!

I graduated in business on one of those vacation (oops I mean vocation courses) HND Business and Finance and I’m still not business savvy, oh well. I au paired in France and speak un petit peu de francais. I used to be a bit good at Tae Kwon-Do as black belt British Champion. Now I’m so lazy…

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Panting Pantoum and the winners!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time to announce the winners of the Zoo book giveaway. *drumroll*

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes you won Zoo on the Moon

and Lynn Kelley you won Weirdo Zoo.

Email me with your addresses to catherine_mrsj@hotmail.com Congratulations!


Panting Pantoum


Sniffing out a smell

Wagging at a mate

Smiling on the breeze

A back rub in the grass.


Wagging at a mate

Tongue lolling out

A back rub on the grass

Paws kicking up dust.


Tongue lolling out

Smiling on the breeze

Paws kicking up dust

Sniffing out a smell.


Catherine Johnson, 2014.


Inspired by these wonderful pantoum poems this week:

B.J.Lee’s from March Madness
http:// http://www.thinkkidthink.com/5-idled-vs-15-imperceptible/

and Joyce Sidman’s
http://gottabook.blogspot.ca/2014/04/30-poetsday-9-joyce-sidman-and-alan-katz.html?m=1 http://

Have a great weekend!


Locked in the Loo – a poem

Okay here’s just a simple one. I like to have targets with poetry and sometime this year I’d like to nail twist endings. So this is practise ;)



Locked in the loo

Oh what to do?

The paper’s run out and I’m late

Do I climb underneath?

Leg it over the top?

I’m face to face with my fate.

Only one thing to do

when you’re stuck in the loo

feeling like a right dummy

squeeze and crawl or climb or mope

or cry out loudly for mummy.

Catherine Johnson, 2014.


Bring all your loo poems to the comments!



Loose in the Loo

Today on the way home from Scouts we stopped for gas and both kids decided they needed the bathroom ‘right now.’ Luckily they had a bathroom. Unluckily it was pretty small so I let them both go in and I waited outside. Straight away they are so loud in there and then something really funny happened.

Matthew put the dryer on and before he could dry his hands it blew the toilet paper roll all across the room. Of course this highly amused them. Enter mom. Exit kids. Matthew had grabbed a lot of the paper with wet hands so I ripped it all off, tidied up and promptly left the place.

Now I’m trying to think how I can put that scene in my royal plumber story. It also reminds me of being a kid stuck in a loo. Anyone been locked in a loo before? It seems like forever when you’re in there. I also used to go along looking underneath apparently. I was very little then honestly. Spill your bathroom stories, come on!

By the way did you all get Teresa’s eggs from the riddle?