Off to the movies!

While my 4 yr old went to bible school with his friend I got some me time with a friend at the cinema watching the funniest movie of the year for sure: Grown Ups. Haven’t laughed like that in a long time. I reckon some of the goofball stuff that happens in the movie could give you loads of picture book ideas, so I’ll definitely have to get it out on dvd ;) It so makes me want to go on holiday too.
It was like being on holiday in the back yard with the blow up water slide providing loads of fun for the neighborhood until it ripped big time yesterday. I’m surprised we had such a good time today without it, but it was refreshing to do something different just with the kids. It is surprising how much you come to rely on one thing and then when its gone you’re stumped for a while. Grown Ups is a perfect example of how times are changing and play is changing and that going back to basics is so good for you. No one wants life to change so much that future picture books have to have mobile phones, i-pods and games consoles in to attract young readers. Let’s promote healthy living amongst the young and give them a stick to play with outside. yay for pooh sticks! Now go watch that movie.

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