March Break

March Break was fun and very busy
Boy my head is slightly dizzy
This and that and that and this
Getting mixed up and in a tizz

Lot’s of things went very wrong
But plan 3 was often better than 1
Open air, dog walks, the park
Swimming, skating, having a lark

Hubby was home a few of the days
Having fun with the kids in so many ways
He tiled the kitchen, I cleaned everywhere
Meeting some friends good times to share

I’ve got to tell you about Thursday. We set off to the sports day they were doing at playgroup. Every day this week was a theme and this one was the only one we could make. But Thursdays is usually a be back soon programme in the afternoons. I thought they’d change the time since it was March Break but obviously not. We rocked up having let the dog out no one around. So we decided to go into the next town to their play group, no one there either. So we went to the park and had a blast.

On Friday we met up with two families for a swim in another town not too far away only to discover the timetable was for ice skating in the arena down the road so we had to entertain the kids until it was open doh! Miss H was in quite a strop by the time we left! (Sleepy and grumpy)

Both times we laughed off the inconvenience of our plans being completely upturned and it made me wonder if God has a hand in what we should be doing. For those of you with manuscripts out on submission, have you considered that there is a perfect solution for you out there but maybe it is your plan c, m, or even y. Sometimes we need to be spun around to realise what we should really be doing. And always leave room for destiny and fate, we are dreamers after all!

12 thoughts on “March Break

  1. Too true!

    What’s even better is often the plan B or F or M turns out far better than our original plan… but we couldn’t foresee it.

    So glad you had fun moving plans around!

  2. It is so true – it is so often the unexpected twists and turns in life that bring the greatest fun and benefits! Whilst I like to make organised plans and have everything laid out step by step, I am never too disappointed when things come in and mess it all up… everything usually works out for the best!

    Glad you had a good March break :)

  3. Yes, it is true that sometimes the plans we make for ourselves aren’t as good for us as the plans that land in our laps! And as for having MSs out on sub, I think it’s always important to remember that the first rejections are simply more steps on the path to that one acceptance. It only takes one “yes” to get published!

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