Fairies and Mermaids (Friday shout outs)

Fairy Michael was out playing with Fairy Summer
when they wandered too far from the wood.
A strong wind blew and sent their tiny wings spiralling through the air.
At first it was a tickle
And the swirling and tumbling was fun
But then the wind picked up and blew until it’s cheeks turned red.
Fairy Michael and Fairy Summer were sent on a wild ride, too harsh for their delicate frames.
So it was with relief that they came to rest where the wind was still and the air warm on their backs.
After the tumultuous ride, they fell into a deep sleep
and two whole days passed before they awoke from their slumber.
Two pretty mermaids were splashing around in the froth when they caught sight of the fairies.
They looked in wonder from the fairies to each other and shuffled up the beach to where they were sleeping.
Mermaid Michelle dangled her wet hair across the fairies to wake them up then Mermaid Jo-Anne picked them up in her hand.
“I’ve never seen fairies before,” Michelle said.
The fairies awoke and startled at the mermaids.
“Don’t worry little fairies, we are your friends,” said Jo-Anne. “Come and play with us in the water.”
So the fairies having no clue that they had travelled quite so far as Australia, joined the mermaids in the water, singing songs of joy and peace from a distant land.

15 thoughts on “Fairies and Mermaids (Friday shout outs)

  1. Hi, Catherine,

    What a sweet story…. Thanks for the shout out! It’s funny you mentioned the winds …. Chicago has turned ugly with icy, cold winds all weekend.

    Have a great week.


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