Whether you are a writer or a reader,

the word magic conjures up all sorts of fun things (pun intended).
For some the word magic means a guy in a black cape waving a wand
and producing a white rabbit out of his sleeve.
For others it may be a guy in a purple cape with stars on
waving a wand and turning you into a rabbit.
Whatever perception you have, it is likely that you enjoy the image
that the word Magic represents.

Recently I have seen two fantastic movies at the cinema,
Pirates of the Carribean and Kung Fu Panda II.
They had remarkable similarities.
The line up of interesting characters offered a sense of magic.
The setting was asthesiastically pleasing in both films
and I was impressed with the new settings
in both films. Very little setting from the previous films
was used in these sequels.
The thing that impressed me the most was the element of surprise
and there is nothing more magical than a surprise.
Where you might be expecting the same kind of fight scenes in both movies
as you got in the previous films, they ramped it up a whole lot by
adding humour or a different reaction to a problem.
So often you can predict what will happen next and
sequels can be particularly guilty of this.
I loved the humour and the more thoughtful responses of the characters.
I particularly liked the first two scenes of Pirates and the last surprising
scene in Kung Fu Panda. Magic!

What does magic invoke for you? And would you like to see more of it in books and movies?

17 thoughts on “Magic

  1. I love magic! One of my favourite books is The Man Who Was Magic by Paul Gallico – a story of a town of magicians who do magic tricks and a man who is really magic comes along. Brilliant! I strongly recommend it if you can find a copy :)

  2. I love the magical world of Harry Potter, I loved Kung Fu Panda 2. I also love the magic that is a book or movie that just makes you feel a certain way – something that is magical without any witchy type of magic.

  3. I love magic! Not the magician waving a wand on stage kind, but the more subtle “real” kind you find in great stories, for example, Spindles End by Robin McKinley. I love the magic that seems to fit perfectly so it doesn’t seem contrived.

    I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda II, but I really liked Pirates IV – I thought it the best one since the first one!

  4. I was actually quite disappointed by the latest Pirates movie. I SO enjoyed the first one (and the second and third) but this one seemed to be quite lacking in a decent storyline and there were one or two things that didn’t quite make sense to me. Anyway, it was still entertaining :-)

    And nothing compares to the magic of Harry Potter!

    • I totally forgot the latest was the fourth one, they’re banging them out aren’t they? I think the mood shifted with this latest one and still left it open for another. And HP is all kinds of magic :)

  5. I love magic. But it is tricky to write without becoming corny. I am currently struggling with magic in my WIP. One of my beta readers thought I could have way more, but I don’t want there to be too much magic. I think the closer the storyline is to reality, the more real the magic seams.

    Maybe that is just me.

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