#MoP Thank You and a Blogfest ;)

#MoP12 has been intense, poetic, beautiful, a period of growth, a period of strength, a time when the words like Dido’s don’t always match what is going on in the background. I couldn’t think of a more relevant way to sum up MoP and say thank you to Kat at the same time.

Even the stomping on the flowers means something to a poet. There’s a story right there.

Kat has been so supportive and helpful with her thorough critiques even though her town is flooded, what strength of character that shows. Thank you Kat!!! XXX

And now on to a special secret surprise for another lovely lady who shall remain nameless. I have an idea for a blogfest (with or without the linky depending on my technical prowess ;) Expect an email soon. It’s super easy and their will be prizes. Just one thing though, do you know if it is allowed to use a quote from a book without permission? It would be such a shame to have to ask and spoil the surprise. So please could you find out for me? Thanks! Secret squirrels ;)

15 thoughts on “#MoP Thank You and a Blogfest ;)

  1. What a beautiful gesture, Catherine. ThankYOU! Wonderful to have you take part. You’ve shared some gorgeous poems and been a fantabulous participant. xx

    I’m pleased to reassure you that while many road arounds our area have flooded, our town itself stays high and dry. As does our house! (We just don’t get to go anywhere!) :)

  2. I think you can use a quote as long as you give credit (especially since you wouldn’t be making a profit on it). It has been fun to be along for the ride with you this month. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. I love the “Secret Squirrel Training Facility.” So funny. You’ve got us all curious about what you’re planning. As far as I know it’s fine to use short quotes from books. Have at it!

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