Milo and Hilda

Hooray! It’s time for Susanna’s Valentines contest. This week I am posting a day early for Monday and Wednesday posts to fit with Valentine’s Day. What a fun time! I can’t wait to read them all. Have a great Valentine’s week everyone.

 Introducing Milo the Belgian cat :)

Milo had travelled from Belgium. He purred and preened and scowled visiting with aunties who dined on scones and raspberry jam. Terribly bored, Milo sneaked away to the hedgerows of the Engish countryside. She didn’t know it was Valentine’s Day. And she didn’t know Hippos munched on daisies and chewed on grass.

“Hello cat! What are you doing here?”

Milo almost choked on a fur ball, “My name is Milo, I am from Belgium.”

“And my name is Hilda. Nice to meet you Milo.”

“Don’t hippos have to be in water?” asked Milo.

“Yes, I suppose they do. Let’s go and find some!”

So Hilda and Milo ambled up to a nearby stream. Milo climbed on Hilda’s back as she attempted to bathe.

“How refreshing!” said Hilda.

“Yes, quite,” said Milo.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Milo!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Hilda!”

via Google Images


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I had hippos on the brain after reading the middle grade book, Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs. It is SO funny. You can read a review on it on Vicki’s blog. Happy Valentine’s! (Psst! It’s my Valentine’s surprise contest on Tuesday too ;)

23 thoughts on “Milo and Hilda

  1. Hilda gave Milo a nice Valentine present. (a lovely time in the water) Sweet story, Catherine. I so enjoyed reading it. I’ve got to read that book by Stuart Gibbs. Happy Valentines Day, my friend. I heart you. :-)

  2. Thanks Stephanie, Clar and Theresa. I had another look at the picture to see if you can tell just how big the mattress it (it might be a baby hippo!) and just look at the ‘cat’s’ face. Do you know what I think that’s a piglet lol :)

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