The Doctor’s Lady Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day! My secret contest can be revealed. The task was to find a picture that encapsulates the romantic quote I picked out from The Doctor’s Lady (Historical Romance – the perfect Valentine’s read)

‘His fingers closed around hers with the softness of a caress. And when his thumb brushed against the pulse in her wrist, her heart tumbled into a dizzying spin.’

Those who entered can put their links in the comments (or I’ll just click back on your names). Maybe Jody will pick a winner who will receive either a signed copy of The Doctor’s Lady or a $15 gift card. The choice is yours.

You can visit Jody’s awesome blog here and read reviews of The Doctor’s Lady here.

And here’s a lovely book of children’s poems written by famous poets, called Valentine Hearts, holiday poetry selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins.

And check out these super Valentine’s posts:

Come and read the entries for Susanna’s fun Valentine’s contest

Colin Falconer has a wonderful valentine’s post about the origins of Valentine’s Day. Check it out here.

This one has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day but you have to see it it’s too funny! Ellie Soderstrom

Susie gives us a cute story from her early Valentine days here and a funny one from Jenny Hansen too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

35 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Lady Valentine

  1. WOW!!! What an awesome surprise! I’m so thrilled that you picked a quote from my book to use on Valentine’s Day!! And I just love the picture you picked to go with it!

    What a creative idea, Catherine! I have to say, you are one of the most creative ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! Thank you for being so generous in your support and encouragement! I can feel the LOVE today! :-)

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  2. What a wonderful contest and tribute you’ve organized, Catherine! Valentine’s Day is definitely a day of love, and not simply of the romantic variety. Supporting our friends is such a fab way to spend the day. :)

  3. I keep seeing Jody’s book everywhere — it has drawn me because I love historical romance. I know I’d enjoy it. Another sign for me to check it out!

    What an absolutely beautiful photo. And the quote is perfect!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Catherine!


  4. You ladies make my day with your lovely comments. Hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s Day! :) My husband is in Holland for two weeks so I’m just going to stuff my face with chocolate with the kids tonight lol.

    • It was hard choosing. I guess I wanted one that was just about romance and most of the others had other story things in. I plan to do a post about metaphor and hopefully use a few more quotes, because Jody is so good at metaphor and I am just learning it. Thanks Julie :)

  5. Catherine, I’m late to the party but I wanted to thank you for including me in this amazing bunch of posts. Holy cowbell, I’ve got some reading ahead of me!

    I LOVE Jody Hedlund’s writing. I haven’t gotten to The Doctor’s Lady yet but she is simply amazing. :-)

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