Patchwork Poem

I’m posting my poems for AtoZ challenge all over the place, but this one requires a picture so I’ll post it here. Sorry for over-posting folks! I’ll save my 11 questions and Sunshine Award until after April me thinks (so much going on!) I love trying out patchwork poems, using lines from different published poems to form a new poem. Let’s see what I can find!

Photo by Rena Traxel

‘Is this Young Beichan’s gates?’ she says.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
And it’s rather dark in here.
When all the citizens retire.
Shall we be trotting home again?
O red fruit; ivory, fine timbers!
And sooth my troubled mind
And still on a winter’s night, they say, when the wind is in the trees,
through the fog it came
the guests have all left (unless they are buried)
Then she stopped, where the first trout lilies of the year had sprung from the ground with their spotted bodies and their six-antlered bright faces and their many tongues.
Small grains in a stone grow edges that twinkle.
stained and lost through age.
The kettle-drum, and far-heard clarinet,
with harmony divine.
Far and few, far and few,
Are the lands where the Jumblies live.
And the Lord upon the Golden Horn is laughing in the sun.

Please don’t ask me about each line, I’ll never find the poems again. I used MacMillans Treasury of Poetry for Children, One Hundred favourite poems, Francis Mayes The Discovery of Poetry, all the small poems and fourteen more, Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver, Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.


And the Crowd Goes Wild

I have some fun news!!! Put down your coffees, you may spill them ;) The following poets have had their poems chosen to go into And the Crowd Goes Wild: A Global Gathering of Sports poems anthology (paperback and e-book)edited by Carol-Ann Hoyte (SCWBI Canada) and Heidi Bee Roemer (SCBWI U.S.A). Recognise anyone?

Avis Harley (Canada) — “Water Reflections”

BJ Lee (United States) — “High Dive”

Carmela Martino (United States) — “At the Chicago Marathon”

Carrie Finison (United States) — “Superfan”

Catherine Johnson (Canada) — “Slick Trickster”

Catherine Kohlbrenner (United States) — “Weighty Matters”

Cathy Cronin Schwieger (United States) —
“Rock n’ Rappel”

Charles Ghigna (United States) — “Gymnast”

Charles Waters (United States) —
“Muhammad Ali: Rumble in the Jungle”

Conrad Burdekin (England) — “Cross Country Runner”

Damian Balassone (Australia) — “Sportsman or Scientist”

David L. Harrison (United States) — “World Series”

Diana Murray (United States) — “Synchronized Roberta”

DK Osei-Yaw (Ghana) —
“Plenty People Chasing One Ball”

Eileen R. Meyer (United States) —
“The Letter”

Ellen L. Ramsey (United States)
— “What Do You Do With…”

Eric Ode (United States) — “Tennis Without a Net”

Frances Hern (Canada) — “Six Times a Charm”

Gayle C. Krause (United States) — “Hail Mary Pass”

Greg O’Connell (New Zealand) — “In Mud-Winter”

Heather Delabre (United States)
“The Master Dance:

Poem for Two Voices”

Heather F. Reid (England) — “Parents”

J. Patrick Lewis (United States) — “Air Apparent”

Jane L. Patton (United States) — “Stadium Speaks”

Jill McDougall (Australia) — “Wrecked!”

JoAnn Early Macken (United States) — “Newspaper Mates”

Jocelyn Shipley (Canada) — “Pianoball”

Kate Williams (Wales) — “Spot the Sport”

Kimberly Douglas Hancock (United States) —
“I am a Special Olympian”

Kimberly OBrien (England) — “Javelin”

Laura Purdie Salas (United States) –“Goalball: Bonfire in Darkness”

Liana Mahoney (United States) — “Volley”

M. Sullivan (United States) — “Sore Sport”

Madeline Kuderick (United States) — “Last Chance Bat”

Marjorie Maddox (United States) — “Table Tennis Triolet”

Matt Goldfellow (England) — “Thumbs Up”

Michelle Schaub (United States) — “Mono Skier”

Patricia Biela (United States) — “Little Brothers”

Patricia Cooley (United States) — “King’s Gambit”

Patricia J. Murphy (United States) — “Ready, Set, GOLD!”

Patricia Toht (United States/England)– “Curling Stone”

Peter Goulding (Ireland) — “Put Notcher in Goal”

Priscila Uppal (Canada) — “Closing Ceremonies”

Raymond K. Nakamura (Canada) — “The Goal”

Rosalee van Stelten (Canada) — “Lacrosse, the Creator’s Game”

Savannah Tesla (Canada) “I watch football with my father”

Sherry Shahan (United States) — “Adventure at the Bottom of the World”

Terry Ann Carter (Canada) — “Haiku for Runners”

Tiffany Stone (Canada) — “I Hate Hockey”

Watchen Johnson Babalola (Liberia) — ”Sweat”

There’s some really famous poets and yes you saw it right little old me. My Shaun White poem will be in this sporting anthology due for release in the summer (of course I will let you know exactly when!).
It was so much fun working with Carol-Ann Hoyte (Canada) and Heidi Bee Roemer (U.S.A) on this and I’m so grateful to them for highlighting the competition in the first place. So excited to see Patricia’s name on the list too, congrats Patricia.

Here is Shaun White on the half-pipe.