N is for Nature

It’s Nature day today in the AtoZ Poetry Challenge so I hope my morning dog walks in the park can pay off now. I am learning that sharing poetry is the end in itself, and the journey is a delightful one. (That’s not the poem lol). Being a Capricorn, I seem to write poetry from the kiddy goat side and the fishes tail side. Does anyone else find that?






N is for Nature


The Nature of Us

Rest in the nest,
find comfort there, be still.
The flighty bird, unsettled, untamed,
swoops into trouble, landing in a strange nest,
tossed into a barren stillness, unlike home, unlike him.

Lest the nest be like the rest,
we have to test the nest the best.
Tressed and dressed, to pass the test,
no rest until the best impressed.

24 thoughts on “N is for Nature

    • Oh yes, they are so different, I should have put a picture in between or bothered to title them, I’m so sloppy when I blog twice in the day :)

      Hangman sounds fun, school pick up now, I’ll have to play later.

  1. I love your opening lines of the first poem… “Rest in the nest, find comfort there. Be still.”

    A gentle reminder of how we should all percieve our homes….lovely.

  2. I like what you said about sharing poetry being “the end in itself, and the journey is a delightful one.” So true. Both your poems here are delightful in their different ways. The first sings to me most because I like a relaxed home. :)

  3. What I love about reading your first poem, was that it takes on several meanings, doesn’t it? A restless soul, an unfulfilled person, a rebelllious teen can all be extracted from these words of yours. Your second poem, well, I love the word play. Love the language here. Again, I’m taking away a few lessons in this poem.

    • Actually Pamela you are spot on, the first one is linked to two others from this month, one of which is too sensitive to post on my own blog :) You’d have to read them all to elicit the meaning ;)

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