Querying pbs and Squish

Okay I’m back from the milk run and ready to write a poem for day 19 of Rena Traxel’s AtoZ Poetry Challenge. But first, please head over to Mike’s blog, his way with words will make you smile.

Today Rena has a special guest, my good friend Ishta, who is there critiquing Rena’s picture book query letter. The tips are great!

We have free reign today to do any poem. I might just make it up as I go, but I’ll need a picture, hmm…







via Google Images

Today the word squish came into my head
I loved how it sounded so I tucked it in bed.
It wriggled and rolled and fell on the floor,
it squished a poor teddy and rolled out the door.
I chased Squish and wrestled it down on the ground
and when I looked up do you know what I found?
The squish couldn’t squish anyone anymore
‘coz Squish was a big mess all over the floor.

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12 thoughts on “Querying pbs and Squish

  1. This poem is awesome, and you chose the perfect picture to go with it. I do hope that poor baby’s face returns to its original shape :)

    And thanks so much for linking to my latest blog post!

  2. Do you know “Squish Rabbit” by Katherine Battersby?

    I know, I know, she does not spell “Catherine” correctly, but we must give her some leeway because her bunny book is so charming.

    Now when I hear the workd “squish” I can’t get it out of my head! PPBF material someday!

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