Harriet’s Had Enough

Yay it’s Perfect Picture Book Friday! I picked my recent favorites from the list on Susanna’s blog and ordered them all from the library, so I’ve been in Picture Book heaven and I tell you I just LOVE Huck Runs Amuck! by Sean Taylor. Absolutely delightful, hilarious and oops I’m not supposed to be talking about this one now, so I’ll shush.

Harriet’s Had Enough written by Elissa Haden Guest and illustrated by Paul Meisel,

Candlewick Press, December 5th, 2009, Fiction

Suitable for: 3-6 years

Themes/Topics: This is a great book for showing kids how to handle disagreements and confrontation. You can cover naughty behavior and forgiveness in one go.

Opening and brief synopsis:

One day Harriet and her mam had a big fight.
“Harriet, you need to clean up this mess,” said Mama.
“What mess?” asked Harriet.
“This mess,” said mama. “This living room is a disaster!”
But Harriet kept on playing.

Synopsis: Harriet’s fed up! She and Mama had a big fight, and now Harriet’s planning to run away. Grandma’s kisses won’t stop her. Papa’s spaghetti sauce won’t stop her. Mama’s cozy sweater won’t stop her…or will it? Elissa Haden Guest and Paul Meisel have teamed up to present a charming story of misbehavior, fury, and forgiveness that will be familiar to anyone, big or small, who has had an argument with a loved one.

Links to resources: Story Hour kit

This is a great book that children and parents can relate to very well. You could even pull it out to read when they are teenagers and want to leave home too ;)

11 thoughts on “Harriet’s Had Enough

  1. I remember running away and I got so frightened I ran back to the house and sat under the gardenia bush hoping I’d scared the pants off my parents. (They could see my legs sticking out) This book sounds great. That story hour kit link is awesome, pal. And who couldn’t fall in love with that cover! :-)

  2. Susanna maybe you could write one called Exasperated Emma!
    Julie, that must be a handful, be grateful she doesn’t think to run away though, my friend’s daughter keeps running away and it very stressful knowing what to do.

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