Texas Chick

Not a post about Kristen Lamb but check her out if you haven’t met the lovely lady with super awesome talents. No my chick is a texas version of my Cheeku the Cheeky Chinese Chicken, ready for Rhyme Day! R is for Rhyme in the Poetry Challenge today. R is also for Rena, what a fabulous job she’s doing, thanks Rena!












via Google Images

There once was a cheeky chicken,
who lived in a chicken coop.
The girl with the grain and half a brain
is here to give us the scoop.

“I tossed the grain at the chickens,
as ordered by Mr. Pickins,
but one naughty chicken,
he tried to escape,
I could not move,
my mouth was agape.
So sorry Mr. Pickins
about these escaping chickens.”

“Hey, Girl what do you mean?”

“They’ve all escaped and fled the scene.
That naughty chicken tripped me see,
the others watching tried to trick me.
They all shot past and scattered,
while Mrs. Pickins nattered.”

“Are you tryin’ to blame Mrs. Pickins?”

“Oh no Sir! She’s sweet as kisses. Pwa, pwa, pwa!
I’ll go bring them back,
right after my snack.
You give your wife my best wishes.”

19 thoughts on “Texas Chick

  1. Such a fun poem! Made me laugh. I didn’t even notice that line. Nice job!

    I agree about Kristen Lamb. She rocks!

  2. Are you sure you’re not from the south. That is such a southern thing for someone to say, “Oh, she’s sweet as kisses!” especially if you’re not wanting to be rude to thier faces. Oh this was such a fun read!!!

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