S is for Smelly Sonnet

Today in Rena’s AtoZ Poetry challenge it is S is for Sonnet! Possibly one of the hardest forms I’ve tried so far. The serious ones are totally beyond me. I have to read them twice just to get a basic understanding. Read all about them here where poet and writer Linda J. Pedley gives us a wonderful example.







Poop Sonnet

Doth no one dare write ‘poop’ anymore?
T’is all my six year old talks about.
Is it too cliche? Been done before?
All the poop stories have been worn out?
Well, I’ve got news for you today,
This subject be a bottomless pit.
Stash your embarrassment far away,
to the naysayers I say sniff it.
Done deeds by the dog may poof and whiff,
but written with pictures bright they glean
a sense of odour strong, scratch ‘n’ sniff.
Smelly and stinky beats things clean.
How I might persuade you all to stray,
go forth now with stinky thoughts and play.

As far as sonnets go this is really crap (pun, pun!)

24 thoughts on “S is for Smelly Sonnet

  1. Oh this is too funny, Catherine! From the tongue in cheek first word, I began grinning, which turned into laughing out loud towards the end. I had fun reading this.

  2. Catherine…you’re amazing…and I’m not just poo-pooing! Let me just say that you are extremely regular! ( and by that I don’t mean ordinary LOLOLOLOL!)
    Seriously, it seems nothing trips you up!

  3. You’ve unloaded a treasure here. The thrown of perfection for can lovers everywhere. I earned my degree in civil engineering and I had a professor who made us celebrate Thomas Crapper’s birthday every year. If we’d had your poem, it would have suited the celebration perfectly!

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