T is for Twitter





T is for Twitter

And here’s all about it. Fancy a go at a Twitter poem?

Bushy tailed thief /in the tree/dodge the growling dogs/back and forth/ from thick to thin/to rooftop scaling/ down to the feeder hut #poem

Laying beneath willow/breezy Spring day/Egyptian goddess #poem #poetry #12x

Acrostic-SURF Swell / Under and up / Ride / Fabulous A to Z Poetry Challenge T for Twitter #poem #poetry @renajtraxel http://alturl.com/vytou

Irene Kistler’s:
Cloudburst/Plip plip // Umbrella/Drip drip // Rain boots/Squish squish // Mud puddle/Splish splish // Wet fun/Tee Hee // Mom’s home? / Gulp

Kirsten Larson’s:
Knobby knees escape shorts/ sandals slap, tender toes exposed/ bare boy bellies, best part of summer. #poem #poetrysten Larson’s:

I’ll add the rest as I see them. I hope you are not too weary of poetry this month. I’d like to keep on the poetry theme and have a new idea for a game on the blog coming soon ;)

p.s. In case you were wondering I am not lying beneath a tree at all today, it’s blowing a gale out there!

20 thoughts on “T is for Twitter

  1. These are great! Short and sweet, just like a tweet! I haven’t written mine yet, but probably will tonight! I was dealing with the sonnet today! :) I agree–I have had so much fun with Poetry Month–I would like to keep something going at least once a week! ;)

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  3. Twitter poet pro/ short and tweet/no need to rhyme/but do check the feet/and meter, in line/with this poem’s time #poem

    Lots of fun here. Thanks Catherine, Rena and Penny.

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  5. Thanks for posting mine. I replied to Kirsten and said mine would read ghost legs escape shorts/blinding anyone who walks by. lol. Hanging out under a willow tree sounds divine!

    • LOL Rena, and yes it does sound divine, no willow trees in our garden I’m afraid. I’ll have to take a chair to the park lol.
      Irene – They are great on imagery which is super when you only have a few words to make an impact.
      Thanks so much Erik :)

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