V is for Video

Today for V is for Video of Rena Traxel’s AtoZ Poetry Challenge we are asked to read our poems aloud to see how they sound and/or write about Vampires. Renee La Tulippe, talented children’s write who blogs at No Water River as well as writing for children and editing. Rena makes videos on her blog of fellow poets’ poems is on Rena’s blog today telling us all about reading your poems aloud. This is an area in which I need a bit of practise to get that fun slick jumpy feeling (there is a technical word for it that escapes me as usual :)) in a poem. And make sure you check out Julie Rowan-Zoch’s awesome illustration of a Vampire Bunny. I haven’t decided what animal mine is yet, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

And by the way tomorrow on Twitter pick your favorite poem from the whole month of poetry on all those sites like Greg Pincus’s and No Water River and put a link to it with the hashtag #pocketpoem. Google Poem in your Pocket for more info.

Vampire Vichy

Vampire Vichy sucks up odours when the moon is full.
Nice ones, bad ones, strong ones, weak ones, odours plentiful.
Vichy is crazy about Jasmine,
but equally zany about loos.
There is no fragrance on this earth that hasn’t been sucked out of yous.

15 thoughts on “V is for Video

  1. Once again, you great sense of humor shines…well, maybe not…shiny would scare Vichy away, wouldn’t it. It could be that your sense of humor has a shadowy, moonlit glow! Yes, I think that works…even for Vichy!

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