W is for Wicked

3 more days to go and we’ll have completed Rena’s AtoZ Poetry Challenge, what a fabulous month it has been. I sure am going to miss reading all the delicious poems roaming about the blogosphere. Today is W is for the W’s and I am thrilled to show you this stunning piece of artwork from the super talented Julie Rowan-Zoch.

copyright of Julie Rowan-Zoch

W is for Wicked

When Matthew went outside to play,
a normal part of every day,
he met a friend to have some fun,
they laughed and ran, in late noon sun.
But next, they wandered down the street,
where more friends played, the gang complete.
What waited for them in the bushes?
Adventure called in quiet hushes.
Boisterous friends ran on ahead,
“Wait!” but ‘wait’ stayed in his head.
What now? The wind is whistling through,
I do not, know not, what to do.
The branches crunching underfoot,
all start to wind around his foot.
“Mommy, Hannah, Sandy, help!”
no one heard his little yelp.
Before more branches pull and snare,
he swung on vines right out of there.
His foot came loose, he made it free,
but where, what, and how are Walter and Bree?

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Since it is Poem in your Pocket day, I posted one this morning to #pocketpoem on Twitter, but there have been so many good ones, I have to link to some on here. Check these out:

A beautiful haiku on Five Reflections blog.

And a special Happy Birthday to Renee LaTulippe today! Here is the progressive poem doing the rounds, today at No Water River.

14 thoughts on “W is for Wicked

  1. Love the three W’s at the end, Catherine. I enjoy reading how you use punctuation (yes, I’m weird. I know) here. I read it twice, because I first I thought something else was going on in the poem. As always, I really enjoyed this one, Catherine!

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