X marks the spot

Today is X for X marks the spot in Rena Traxel’s AtoZ Poetry Challenge. Two more days left to go, we’ll be lost without it. Thanks so much Rena for all your hard work. Today we are asked to write a found poem of sorts using key words we can pick out from source text. Please pop over to Rena’s blog to read all about the Found Poetry Project and read the source text where I got my words. I’ll underline the words I chose for my poem. The picture below shows you the rules if you ever wish to try one.

125,000 for the honeymoon,
relationship rocky,
Wolf Valley a better choice,
no cash left for groceries,
no champagne to sip on the veranda.
Dodge the Becketts
Stomp to the common beat
of monotony, monogamy
until you find
the rose that blooms
only in your hand
and ride the second sea.

17 thoughts on “X marks the spot

  1. This sounds interesting. Not sure about found poems, but your underlined words show a rocky start and and marriage of ups and downs. I would never spend 125,000 on a honeymoon.

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