Holey moley!

Hi everyone, It is really weird doing a ‘normal’ blog post now let me tell you and I think I prefer posting in the evenings now. How wild and crazy of me ;)

Everyone needs fresh ideas for their stories so hopefully these posts will inspire you in one direction or another. Are many stories plucked from real life? Let’s see shall we: Little Red Riding Hood – based on bumping into some kind of bully on her way to grandma’s? Hmm.. Roald Dahl’s storylines look freshly plucked from life, don’t you think? The Twits is just one example.

Thankfully no one was harmed in this unfortunate occurence, but the potential for a story out of it is beaut!

In the comments let your imagination run wild for a story from this. Any age.

Here’s what I think. A young girl the same age as the one who fell down the hole, set the ‘hole’ thing up ;) and swapped places with the other one therefore stealing her identity. Yikes what happened next to the real one and the one who stole the identity? I don’t even write YA. Oh well!

p.s. I found it really hard to get the video straight on the blog, so either click the link or the picture which goes to the video but via Pinterest first. (which is good if you are not on Pinterest yet. See Jody’s post if you aren’t convinced yet)

p.p.s Cat Gerlach got the last of the revenues in from the challenges e-book/POD book from RachWrites campaign and donated it. if you were in that campaign you may be interested in Cat’s post here.

15 thoughts on “Holey moley!

  1. Yes, great idea! :)
    I’m not on pinterest… Just see it as something else to waste my time on… At the moment at least xx

  2. How awful – but you’re right these happenings can provide incredible inspiration. Pinterest – well – just don’t have the time at the moment, my account is lonely.

    • I know and it was so far down. I can’t imagine what was going through her head but it must have happened quickly. Margaret, I like Pinterest to post really good blog posts and while I’m on I’ll repin something. Otherwise I only go on on a Saturday for play time :)

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