Penny and her jots – Grebbit!

If it’s not Monday yet where you are just pretend it is ;) Today/tomorrow ;) I have a fun guest for you and ssh! the funny thing is she doesn’t even know. Surprise, Penny! I absolutely love her froggy poem from the A to Z Poetry Challenge so I thought I’d share it here today. Nevermind metaphors, they can wait.

Hop! Plop! But Know When to Stop!

Frog went for a hop

And plop!

Ran right into a house.

Ribbit-anyone home?

No answer.

Oh well, hop

And plop!

Right onto the kitchen table.

Oh my! Fresh fly pie!

No way.

Gee! How lucky can one frog be?

Ew! Too fresh! (That bugs me.)

Ew! Too old! (I’d probably croak.)

Yum! Just right! (I’m toadally lucky!)

Hmmm…what next?


And plop!

Right back outside.

“Time’s fun when you’re havin’ flies!”

But not when the bears come home!

15 thoughts on “Penny and her jots – Grebbit!

  1. What a wonderful surprise, Catherine! Thanks for posting my frog poem! I remember….it was free verse day in the poetry challenge and free verse freaks me out….I’m scared of writing it. So frog has a little rhyme, too, and I wasn’t so sure how it worked. Im thrilled you liked it enough to post it. Some good metaphors would probably add a little happy to frog’s hoppy :•). Thank you so much!!

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