Versatile and RAOK

In celebration of Becca and Angela at The Bookshelf Muse’s release of The Emotion Thesaurus here is Laura’s post celebrating kindness. I would like to randomly shout out to Laura who has recently published a short story called City of Light and Stone and next year her YA Dystopian Endure will be published, so exciting!
Laura has grown so much in the last year, shedding her cat avatar and looking super awesome and professional. Her blog is great fun and very useful, she thoroughly deserves this shout out.

Thanks to Mike and Lauri for the Versatile blogger award. Lauri passed it on to everyone I would have picked so I’m giving it to everyone on my blogroll (honestly everyone not no one).

If you want to read a fun story about a snake and my tramp adventure, read this old post. (updated!)

Have a randomly versatile day!

15 thoughts on “Versatile and RAOK

  1. So glad to see the RAOK are still going strong! Congrats to Laura…she sounds like a great gal and I wish her success!


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