Sweet Briar Goes to Camp

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday time, yippee! I hope you’ve all had a great week and have a great weekend ahead. The full list of picture books can be found here on Susanna Leonard Hill’s blog.










Sweet Briar Goes to Camp written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by LeUyen Pham,

Dial Books for Young Readers, May 24th 2005, Fiction.

Suitable for: Pre-school to Grade 3

Themes/Topics: Friendship, kindness, helping others, putting others first, Not being afraid to help someone who everyone is against.


Sweet Briar Skunk was bored. It was only two weeks into summer vacation and all her friends were away.

Synopsis: Everyone is picking on porcupine but Briar feels sorry for her and makes her a craft of herself, then porcupine has made crafts for all of them, everyone bonds.

Links to resources:  Books about day camps Camp crafts < These look like a lot of fun!

This is a very cute story with a huge heart and a great lesson for children.

p.s. I’m too excited not to tell you that I’m going to be reading my sport poem for And the Crowd Goes Wild anthology at the book launch in Toronto in November. How exciting and absolutely terrifying. I’ll be shaking like a leaf in a wind storm, but it will be great to take the whole family to Toronto for the first time too.

Have a super weekend and enjoy all these picture books!

27 thoughts on “Sweet Briar Goes to Camp

  1. This book looks great, Catherine, and I’m really glad to have a book about camp – I don’t’ think we have one yet! Thanks for sharing. And congrats on the reading – so exciting! You’ll be fabulous! :)

  2. Sweet Briar does indeed look sweet, both in appearance and in personality. (skunksonality?) Thanks for sharing, Catherine. And congratulations on the upcoming poem-reading. Way to go!

  3. Oooo a Karma Wilson book I haven’t read *rushes to library*. This is timely and cute! And congrats about reading your poem, that is very cool, Catherine!!

  4. That’s wonderful that you’ll read your work.what a great story too. You will do great reading your story.

  5. Love, Love, Love books that encourage kids to stand up for one another. :) And so much kudos to you for the upcoming reading…what a wonderful experience and so great that your family will share it with you!

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