Metaphor Monday

In light of the release of Surrender tomorrow, the follow-up to Possession by Elana Johnson, I’m using the book cover for Metaphor Monday.

Claustrophic rainbow of feathers.
If I stay here too long I’ll be pickled.
A tweet too far.

And since this book is uber cute, I’m going to use the cover again:

Yellow fur balls exercising
Who got out the helium?
Giant floating cornflakes looking for the bowl.

If anyone knows of any books due for release soon of mucho excitement please give me the heads up and I’ll use them. Otherwise I’ll have to get lost on Pinterest to find one. Pinterest is like a maize, it’s hard to get out ;)

Have a great week!

As requested by Julie, here’s a poem about cornflakes:

Breakfast, please!
Clap! Clap! Chop! Chop!
Door squeaks open,
Cornflake packet shuffles out of the cupboard,
Cornflakes escape,
Giant floating cornflakes looking for the bowl.
Drawer opens and bowl flies out,
Spinning and whizzing
clanks on the table.
Drawer with spoon slides open.
Spoon wakes up with a yawn,
rises to its feet,
a gymnast of the kitchen,
head over foot,
clatters on the table.
Cornflakes still at play.
Fridge door opens slowly,
Milk slow to rise,
Not wanting to spill.
Takes a graceful flight to the kitchen table,
a quick whistle at the cornflakes
to get in line and dive into the bowl.
As the last cornflake join its brothers,
the milk pours out like a waterfall,
crashing and plunging to its fate.
Spoon goes in,
Goblin sits down for his breakfast.

30 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday

  1. Can’t believe you just whipped this up! It screams out to be animated!
    Cornflakes still at play, sppon wakes with a yawn, milk slow to rise – fantastic! Love, love love it!

  2. Love your cornflakes poem!!! You are awesome!


    If I could hum tunes in a bottle
    The first thing that I hum, it’s true
    Is a song with a flutter of wings and I’d hum it for you!!!

    Ok….I think that one’s been done. (Jim Croce)


    Chicka Chicka bounce, bounce

    Ok…that one’s been done, too! (Bill Martin Jr.)

    I couldn’t come up with anything original today, but I quoted the best!

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