Fair Cow

The awesome Social Media guru Kristen Lamb keeps springing fabulous surprises on us. She has worked really hard to put together some fabulous resources for writers as part of her new WANATribe. We even have our own logo!

If you want to join please click on the badge and you’ll find a wonderful community of writers. Today on Twitter there is a #WANAParty so I’m posting this early so you can go straight from here to the dance floor, no need to get changed. We’re a casual bunch ;)

And now for Perfect Picture Book Friday, the brainchild of Susanna Leonard Hill. Please browse through all the picture books in the Perfect Picture Books tab on Susanna’s blog to see the entire library of books we have reviewed.

I have a simple, cute and fun one for you today:










Fair Cow written and illustrated by Leslie Helakoski

Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books, 31st August 2010, Fiction

Suitable for: 4-8

Themes/Topics: Animals, cows, being different, Not following the herd, solving problems in a unique manner.

Effie dreamed of being a state-fair cow. She loved living on the farm, grazing in the fields, and giving milk every day. But still…

Synopsis: Effie learns what it takes to be a state fair cow.

Resources: Idea Creation This is an amazing website choc full of activities for kids. Kids could brainstorm problem solving ideas and have fun replicating what they would do in Effie’s situation.

I adore Leslie’s chicken stories and I was thrilled to find this one. If you haven’t discovered this author yet, get thee to a library. Have a super week and don’t forget the Twitter party!

33 thoughts on “Fair Cow

  1. This has been such a busy week I nearly forgot about the WANAParty so was so happy to come across your reminder.

    If there’s any truth in judging a book by it’s cover than I’m already sold on Fair Cow. I have always been partial to cows (ah, but to have such beautiful eyes with such lovely long lashes!) and I LOVE the charming illustration on this cover. The story line sounds like a gem.

    • Hi Ciara and Tracy, and see you at the Twitter party. It starts right when we’re all getting in the pool, so I’ll be late but at least I’m celebrating in style lol. It’s a PA day here and husband has day off too with his parents here.

  2. The cover certainly melted me. Adorable. Sounds like a fun book! I always loved going to to the state fair, especially the cow barns. My great uncle raised cows. At the Ohio State Fair, they have a big dairy area too, where you can see a cow carved out of butter, and they sell ice cream, and other dairy products.

  3. This book sounds great, Catherine! I remember that one of the thrills of my childhood was seeing a newborn Jersey calf one year when my Mum and I did our usual walk through the cow barn at the Exhibition. (I grew up on a grain farm, so had never seen a calf that young.)

  4. Hi, Catherine. Thanks for sharing this book. I’m always amazed at the talent of author/illustrators. I think I might have seen the WANA party on Twitter and was wondering what was going on. Hope it went well!

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