Metaphor Monday – Snow Games

It’s Metaphor Monday time with Joanna Marple’s Snow Geames :)

A big bird’s nest sleigh
An avalanche of fun
Cold hard fun
Sloping around

We need a sleigh,
what shall we use?
There’s nothing but snow
no items to choose.
Birdy won’t notice,
let’s pinch his fine nest
Isn’t this fun?
This sleigh is the best.

Best nest, better still
sleighing down this super hill.

If you would like to hear more about Snow games, please visit Joanna’s blog. She used the funky and new uTales to publish this lovely story. It is really fun!

Can you think of any metaphors? Or would you like to write a poem in the comments?

21 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday – Snow Games

  1. Catherine, how’s this? Just came up with it after seeing your suggestion to use a metaphor and write a poem in the comment on your post today.

    Fun and Games

    The frog’s eyes were rubies
    in a glimpse of the sun
    as bright as the morning
    on a day that was fun.
    While the tadpoles wiggled,
    all the children giggled.

    c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

  2. Love your metaphor and I love the book.
    Three bad things happen today
    Now it’s getting sunny so all will be well.
    lol Bet you thought that was going to be a metaphor! Sorry, I’m still reeling. take care :)

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