Metaphor Monday

Metaphor Monday

How is everyone today? The holidays are about to start here, so a nice calming image of a butterfly should relax us before the craziness of summer activities.

Isn’t this the most beautiful picture!

The silk scarf came alive and flew away.
Twister was fed up of being all hands and feet.
The stained glass window attracted more than just light.

Would you like to make up a poem using one of these lines or make your own poem up with a metaphor in? Yes, you have to work if you come here on Mondays ;)

26 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday

    • I’m assuming it’s a picture but it doezn’t look like a painting. With all these great metaphors it can be anything you want it to be.
      Coleen I love your comment about it being calming.

  1. I am probably too late…but here goes.
    The childrens’ eyes reflected back their beauty
    as they watched them flutter
    in perfect synchronization.

  2. If I stare at the purple dot long enough, will it sink into my soul?
    Magic scarves are said to do that to a person.

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