Decisions, decisions

Umm…. should I?
Could I?
Would I?
Ought to…
I could
I will
I should

Off you go and read this lovely poem about decisions by fabulous poet, Charles Ghigna.

20 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. Clever poem. But, I did read and like Charle’s poem of choosing heart over mind when making a decision. My life work – loving with my mind and thinking with my heart. Left a message on his site.

      • I agree, but I believe Charles is talking about the bigger picture. Tough love, for example, is loving with you mind and thinking what is best with your heart, as painful as that might be. Have to be careful, this is a subject close to my heart and I could talk forever, LOL!

  2. In Sunday school, my son learned a song with the words, “there’s a right and wrong to every question…” It almost made me laugh. I right and wrong to EVERY question. Surely there’s some wiggle room in the flavor of gum you choose. :)

  3. Are you mulling something important and life-changing at the moment? Bring an icy lemonade out to your new pool and let the pros and cons wash over you. Happy Summer!

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