Metaphor Monday

The frog picture originally came from Palestine Rose.

Here’s a few metaphors to get the juices flowing.

The human book.
Pages of arms and legs.
I need to find the word ‘sight’ before I can read a single word of this.

I hope these fireworks don’t go off until dark.
The aperatifs grew and escaped to a bigger party.
There are too many cocktail sticks in my drink said land looking at his lake.

Shake a leaf.
The roof is leaking.
Move, green hoarder of moisture.

Penny wrote a poem on her blog from last weeks picture. It’s so nice to see Metaphor Monday spreading its metaphorical wings ;)

There’s a great metaphor post today on Swagger blog by Kim Van Sickler. Please check it out.

Well, this is the last week before school holidays here and life is busy with summer activities already but I’m managing to write a bit so that’s a bonus. I’ve started working on a new book of poems about the Everglades using lots of characters and ideas from my Big Al picture book. I’ll be talking all about picture books in Wednesday’s post which is the big 12×12 blog party!


Green hoarder of moisture
rain dropper
particle bombs
on innocent amphibian.

Fireworks and water works,
Giant shish-kebab
Who will eat thee?
Or paint the landscape
with crayon bait
and water picks.

I see write through you
and read you like a book.

Special thanks to the poem contributors: Penny, Erik and Julie :)

A melange of metaphors

Green hoarder of moisture,

giant shish-kebab, crayon bait,

I see write through

your water works.


19 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday

  1. Great pics, Catherine! I love your metaphors!!
    Here are a few inspired by the pics.

    Man and a book-
    I have digested this book
    Reader’s digest (LOL)
    Read me like a book

    Colorful Boat-
    Lollygag on a lake in a lifeboat full of lollipops
    A very vibrant vessel

    Froggy having fun-
    You can’t inhibit
    A creature with a ribbit

    Webby finger digits
    Are special little widgets

    Shake, Shake! I will not stop
    Until I savor every drop.

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