Metaphor Monday – Book Speak

It’s Metaphor Monday time again. I really fancy doing a Wimbledon special so give me a week and I’ll see what fab pictures I can find. Did anyone watch it? My eyes were welling up. Today’s treat is Book Speak by Laura Purdie Salas. The words are beautiful, the illos are beautiful and so funky.

If I had to pick a favorite I would have to say, If a Tree Falls. And here it is:

If a tree falls in the forest

with no ear to hear its fall,

does it make a crackling thunder

or descend in silent sprawl?

If a book remains unopened

and no reader turns its page,

does it still embrace a story

or trap words inside a cage?

Beautiful! And here is the book cover. Let’s see how many metaphors we can think up with these pictures:


motorway hike
umbrella mail
post office in the sky
heavenly books
circus frog
noisy books

I’ll try and get on here to write a poem with them all, but if I don’t feel free to help me out. Bring on the metaphors and have a great day!

Under the post office in the sky
young Mary Poppins and her paper parasol
drive on water,
swimming through the traffic
in this literary shower,
delivering umbrella mail
while beez zpeak of heavenly books
on sherbert clouds.

23 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday – Book Speak

  1. Was just going to ask who is Murray, but I’ve got it now! Wish I could have watched – don’t have cable! Used to spend many June moons doing so when we did. Back to the lovely, smooth as silk poem and more metaphors: rolling waves, uni-bit, beez zpeak, paper parasol, literary shower. Thanks so much for Metaphor Mondays. I love starting my week off creating and sharing with other word-lovers!

  2. Mary Poppins was the first thing to pop into my head too. By the way, I love that photo of you on the sidebar reading a book!

  3. King Green pedals home
    Over the waves and through the foam

    Postmarked princess
    In her plaid dress
    Looks stellar
    Under her umbrellar (big cheat there…but made me laugh)

    Ocean-blue bubble foam
    Orangey-cloud honeycomb

    On spraying jaunt

    Plunging pages in a descending dive bobbing by buzzing bees

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