Metaphor Monday

Metaphor Monday!

Hi everyone, we’re had a great time up in Scotland, the quadrathlon was fantastic to watch and I’m so proud of my sister for doing the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon. The pictures are not uploaded yet. I hope to share those next week. My munchkins were a handful especially that Hannah and they both ended up in Loch Tay, cheeky monkeys!







Creepy shadow slowly catches up to us.
The monster plays catch with the world.










Picasso tripped in the vineyard.
Up! shrunk on set.
Taste a rainbow.





“We’re safe in her Lightening.”
The hills are a refuge for more than just rabbits.
Don’t put me in a box unless I can see the stars.


So bring on the metaphors and poems and have a great week.

24 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday

  1. I love these!

    Though it annoys me that Midlife Crisis Carports need to mess up that beautiful hill.

    I just wanna find the cars’ owner and say, “Why don’t you stop making shrines to yourself, Mr. Short-Bald-CFO-With-The-Tiny-Doodle?”

  2. The trip sounds wonderful. Glad you enjoyed it and yea! for your sister for participating. I looked at the website…she must be in great shape.

    Medusa Turned loosa!

    There once was a river who grew some wild hair
    The liquidy tendrils roamed here and roamed there
    Wandering, winding down through the hills
    Watering land with it’s pony tail frills.

    A burst of flavor and a million colors tumbled across my taste buds.

    Can’t see the forest for the cars.

  3. Catherine, I think you must threaten to feed the little monkeys haggis if they do not calm down. That should solve everything!

    Alas, the movie BRAVE is the closest I will come to Scotland this year. At least it was lighthearted and in an airconditioned theatre!!

    Have a lovely time and take notes for future posts!

    • Oh Cathy, that’s a great idea. I wish I’d thought of that. I’m not sure they’d realise what I was threatening, unless I said it was completely yucky :) My brother had some while we were there. And plenty to talk about in future posts if I’m not too traumatised to re-live it lol. I haven’t seen Brave yet.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Scotland! It’s on my list of places to visit one day. You always find such amazing photos! I could write a whole story inspired by any one of them.

    • Hi Vicki, I hope you make it over there some time, it’s a lot of unspolt trees and hills. I know what you mean about the pictures. I hope when I’ve finished my current project I could do some sort of eclectic mix of poems from all these pics.

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