Metaphor Monday – Bradley Wiggins

Hi folks, I hope you’re all well and looking forward to watching the Olympics. So thrilled about Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France.

I’m not sure about my internet access over the next few weeks, but I had to squeeze this special one in :)







Spectacular spectator

Viking watch









Reflections of a great achievement

Banana Bradley peeled the competition


via Google Images

The cloning experiment took off

Centipede on wheels

Arche de Triomphe

I look forward to reading your metaphors (at some point) and have a great week!

28 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday – Bradley Wiggins

  1. Numbers One and Two eh. Great stuff. I do hope the French people who have cocked a snook at Brit cyclists over the years, choke on this a bit. Of course all our other French cousins who play the game fairly, I wish you all a great week.
    Now UK (especially Wales please) win some Golds at the Olympics for us.

  2. 1. Who let the Moose/Viking loose,
    2. True grit, Victory at last, Where’s the beer?
    3. First thing I thought of was “Do a deer, a female deer..” from the Sound of Music, and Follow the leader.

    Sorry have been gone for a few weeks. Just back from a writing conference.

  3. What cool pics…. this looks interesting…. First thing I thought of was
    Look Out!
    Look Out!
    Look Out! … lol.

    Not sure NZ is going to do so great this year at the Olympics. Always love watching it anyway.

  4. I saw about 6 seconds of this! My grandfather was surfing channels and he stopped to check it out, wasn’t interested, and changed the channel (I wanted to watch)! Here is my metaphor – A ssssnake!

  5. I just printed off and prepared our Olympics unit last night… Yes this household has Olympic fever!!!

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  7. Vicki, I’m in England at my parents. We’ve been to Scotland to watch my sister in a quadrathlon and next week I go to Lancashire.
    Nice one Michelle, I can’t wait too!
    What is lutefisk Cathy? I know nothing ;)

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