Holiday poem – Quadrathlon

A swim across the Loch
in early morning dew
Seven munros later
then a kayak made for two.
The kids are in the Loch
cheering Jeff and Helen in.
I’ve told them now a thousand times,
“Get out!” but they just grin.
Last to go is cycling
right around the Loch.
A quick pit stop for bag of chips,
it’s dinner time don’t mock.
They come into the finish
are handed a huge knife.
They get to share a melon
for their efforts and their strife.
I’m sure they’ll do it all again
next year, they’re super fit,
but don’t make this suggestion yet,
they’re knackered, just a bit.

Hi folks, this seems ages ago now but I did write it only today. I’m home really soon so I’ll share some more summer memories with you and some interesting stuff! Have a great week!

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