Holiday snaps 1

Two exciting things are coming up here soon, one is the book launch I have been waiting all year for thanks to the page turning brilliance of writer friend, Jody Hedlund and I have a copy up for grabs soon! (Unending Devotion) There are no superlatives big enough to describe a) Jody’s writing and b) how excited I am that in no time at all I will be reading another Jody special.

The second exciting thing is a surprise guest post. I am truly honoured that a complete stranger wants to guest post, how funny! Watch this space.

And now for some light entertainment. What a huge holiday we’ve just had. Hannah ran off at the airport near all the gates so hundreds of people watched me chase her and her create when I restrained her. Luckily Matthew and Hannah found a little girl to play with whose dad was great with kids. Hannah even laid down with her head in his lap. Completely inappropriate, but considering the running around and moving of the sign to let people know which line to go in at the consternation of the staff, just seeing her still was heaven for a minute. Let’s just say that all’s well that ends well. In no order whatsoever here’s a few pics and more to come.

17 thoughts on “Holiday snaps 1

  1. I have to stop and think when you say “holiday” and remember it means vacation. Love the photos you took. Your kids are so cute! Glad you had such a great time. Yes, I wondered where you vacationed.

    • We went to England to visit both families and I got to watch all the Olympics! We missed Phil and Sandy though. Five weeks seemed too long really. Surprisingly nice weather ;) The last photo is Matthew in Loch Tay.

  2. Really good photos. Cute kids! And energetic! Sounds like there were no dull moments. We once took a five weeks vacation and had a great time but were very happy to return home. Glad you are back. Missed you.

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