Metaphor Monday?

Hi everyone, I don’t know if my holiday snaps are metaphor friendly, but we can at least have a go at a poem. See the shot at the top of a mountain/hill in the Lake District, while we were stood up there a fighter jet zoomed past beneath us. We could have waved at the pilot had we heard him coming ;)

Over the moon under the bridge,
watch out for my wake.
At mountain’s peak I point and look.
on bars I hang upside up and upside down.
Ponies come to say hello
I ponder my catch and my wet feet,
then pull a rainbow from the sky
and play.

Is anyone brave enough to think up a metaphor? Or are we all still in holiday snooze mode (completely acceptable around here) :)

25 thoughts on “Metaphor Monday?

  1. I’m still snoozing a bit. It’s my last week of my two week break prior to fall classes. I did attend a Scwbi critique group yesterday. So, sorta working …. Lots to think about after that meeting. I love the pictures.

  2. like thoughts under a bridge
    a watery ride from a puffy cotton hillside
    we wore the river like wings
    leaning against the wall of books
    seeing the world from a different view
    matching manes
    galvanized gladiators
    like shimmering, silvery treasures to be netted by stealthy statue
    a pulsing palette of curly colors

  3. Hi! It’s been awhile, but I have been reading on and off. :) But after a three week family hiatus from life (FUN!) and an interstate move (less fun but awesome now that the boxes are all unpacked), I think I’m ready to blog and blog again. :) Great vacation shots!

  4. Love your photos. Hope you had a great time. THis is the third time I’ve tried to enter this, as I enlarged your photos, and lost my copy:

    hanging loose – bars
    rain (bow) dance
    I’ll eat it if you do (ponies)
    They’ve got to be kidding (ponies)
    I can fly – mountain

  5. Catherine, I don’t know if these are metaphors or not, but this was fun to try. Some of mine are cliches.

    The boy is a trapeze artist.
    He’s a monkey swinging from bar to bar.
    The wader is a minnow-catcher.
    The boy and girl are the life of the party.
    The lake is a mirror.
    The barge is a whale of a boat.
    The people beneath the bridge are scavengers.
    The ponies are statues at feeding time.
    The boy is a mountaineer.

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