WANA bugle call

There is a saying amongst the indians of WANA Tribe,
Whisper during concert make no impact.

Okay so I just made that up, but you get my point. Whether you are in the WANA tribe or not, would you like to join a blogfest to celebrate Jody Hedlund’s book release?: Unending Devotion

Here’s the plan. If you want to join the fun on September 1st the release day, write a blog post about something you are devoted to. It can be serious or silly. Title your blog post: Unending Devotion to… and the rest is entirely at your disposal (gosh I’m opening a bag of worms here).

At the end of your post, just copy the book cover and write a little something about Jody. I’ll make it easy and send any interested parties everything you need. So if you are up for some fun to help celebrate Unending Devotion’s launch, leave your email address in the comments of this post. When you have written your posts, send me the link either on my blog or emailed to me at catherine_mrsj@hotmail.com and I will include it in my post.

Or we could just do this:

5 thoughts on “WANA bugle call

  1. I love Jody Hedlund, she deserves all that she gets. She’s such a sweet person and a talented writer. I’ll have to join in the fun and games on Sept 1st!

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